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Russian Medical Studies is traditionally considered to be the best & most advanced. It is sophisticated in the world as all the institutions are well equipped.


About Russia.

  • Russia, the vast Eurasian landmass covers more than 17million square kilometers and is the largest country in the world, spanning nine time zones with a climate ranging from the Arctic north to the generally temperate south.

  • The landscape varies widely, from vast open tracts in the European heartlands and the taiga and tundra of Siberia, to mountainous terrains.

  • Agriculture is largely confined to the European regions and the southern belt of Siberia. Further north, the main industries are forestry and extraction of energy and minerals.

  • The country is well connected by all means of transport. Russia's great rivers also play an important part in transportation as well as in hydroelectric power generation.

  • Baikal the largest freshwater lake in the world and there are many such wonders which make Russia a scenic and beautiful country.

  • The ethnic groups of Russia comprise nearly 80% of Russians and the rest 20% of the population consists of people from the breakaway countries of erstwhile soviet Russia and Europe. 

  • Russia is one of the superpower countries and it’s a friendly country to India.


India - Russia Relationship

  • Despite the large number of bilateral agreements signed as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Delhi. The following remarks were from our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Modi: “The steadfast support of the people of Russia for India has been there even at difficult moments in our history. It has been a pillar of strength for India's development, security, and international relations. India, too, has always stood with Russia through its own challenges. The importance of this relationship and its unique place in India's foreign policy will not change. In many ways, its significance to both countries will grow further in the future.”

  • As we have this kind of a wonderful relationship with Russia, we can rest assured that the students going to Russia for their MD (MBBS)) studies will be safe and well-taken care off.


  • The climate of Russia can be described as a highly continental influenced climate which varies a lot. Several factors determine the climate of Russia, one of which is its large size.

  • Russia stretches from Europe to the East of Asia.

  • Winters in Russia usually lasts only for 3–4 months in a year, where the average temperature ranges from -15 to -20 degrees centigrade.

  • As the hostels, classrooms, shops, the public transports are centrally heated students do not have to worry much about it. However, Students should make sure to have warm clothes like fur coats, caps, gloves, etc... while moving to Russia.

  • During summers the temperature may range from +25 to +30 Degree Centigrade.


  • The Russian dynasty was founded by Viking Rurik in 862 AD. The Mongols invaded the country in 1237. Most of the major cities were destroyed by the Mongols.

  • Mr. Putin’s rise to power is a significant event in Russian history.

  • Mr.Putin brought about political stability in the country.


  • Russian GDP is worth $ 1.47 Trillion which makes it one of the most developed countries in the world.

  • Top performing industries in Russia are petrochemical, natural gas, automobile, arms, military equipment, etc…

  • India is one of the biggest importers of Russian products. The education industry also plays a significant part in contributing to the Russian economy.


  • Russian people are very friendly, especially to the Indians. Indians and Russians have a famous slogan “Hindi Rusi Bhai Bhai” declaring brotherhood between India and then Soviet Russia.

  • Russian people are highly intellect and fond of reading. You can see many people reading books in metros, trains, and buses.

  • Their general knowledge is very good and is considered a very well-educated society, worldwide.



  • The primary language of the nation is Russian, but nowadays many Russians speak English and other languages as well.

  • People in Russia love to learn new languages, so they choose German, English, Spanish or other European languages as an optional subject during their high school education.

M.B.B.S studies in Russia.

  • Russian Medical Universities operating beneath the auspices of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation and under the Ministry of education of Russia.

  •  Russian Medical Universities are listed in the World Health Organization Directory of “World Medical Schools”.

  • The colleges to which we admit Indian students are rated well amongst the medical universities in Russia with high number of students from India and other foreign countries.

  • Thanks to their listing within the World Health Organization, Medical students passing from these Universities are eligible not only for the MCI screening test in India but various other boards across the globe.

  • Russian Medical Studies is traditionally considered to be the best & most advanced. It is sophisticated in the world as all the institutions are well equipped.

  • Teaching methods are regulated and streamlined providing for extensive development of students in chosen specialties.

  • About 30 positions are occupied by the Russian Medical Universities in World Ranking.

  • Compared to other countries the level of Higher education in Russian Medical Universities is well developed and advanced, whereby the student’s performance, their progress in mastering the topic is monitored closely and objectively.

  • Modern hostel facility is provided within the campus with all the amenities for comfortable student life.

  • Russian medical universities are among the top medical universities worldwide and is one of the favourite nations for the Indian students to go and pursue their MD (MBBS) abroad.

  • Its lifestyle and culture are well connected to the Indian culture from a very old time making it a very safe destination for Indian students to pursue their medical education abroad.

  • The last 15-20 years have seen a surge in the number of international students coming to study MBBS (MD) in Russia.

  • Every year thousands of Indian students apply for MD (MBBS) study in Russia.

  • Quality of education with lots of hands-on experience in the clinical field is what attracts aspiring students to study MD (MBBS) in Russia.

  • From the last 15 years, more Indian girls as compared to boys have been going to study MD (MBBS) in Russia as personal safety in Russia is quite good.

  • Medical education in Russia is subsidized by the Russian government by 60 -70% so the tuition fees for MD (MBBS) in Russian medical colleges is comparatively lower than many other countries.

  • The last 15-20 years have seen a surge in the number of international students coming to study MD (MBBS) in Russia.


Food Options

  • Students usually prefer the low – priced university cafeterias that are located within their respective universities.

  • However, there are accessible cafes and restaurants in cities where students can dine. There are many supermarkets and stores nearby where students can purchase groceries.

  • Self-cooking among international students is a popular option.



  • The preferred modes of transportation for students in Russia include – bus, trolleybus, tramway, and subway.

  • Russia has quite reliable and substantial public transportation systems that are reasonably priced and easily accessible for students from universities.

  • Student passes are also available at subsided rates.



  • Russia may seem a long way from home, but the country has dependable communication services. This makes it easy for students to keep in touch with their family and friends in any part of the world.

  • With the growing technological facilities and other communication services, the students can maintain their contacts on a regular basis.


Social Life

  • Learning is not confined to the classroom in Russia. Students can choose from a wide range of cultural activities.

  • Most universities arrange trips that guide about the culture, history, and geography of Russia. There are several museums and galleries to explore.

  • Also, students can look forward to extracurricular activities such as, drama productions, horse riding, pilot lessons, and many other sports activities.

  • Concerts, parties, and camping trips are organized by student unions on a regular basis.

  • Several social and recreational activities and facilities are available to students in universities, such as opera houses, ballets, and plays.

  • The yearly traditional and cultural events are a major attraction for the international students. MD (MBBS) students’ life in Russia is enriching as well as quite appealing.



  • Most of the medical universities in Russia provide comfortable accommodation with all the necessary facilities.

  • The hostels are supplied with cold & hot water and a central heating system.

  • Each room has beds, desk, chairs, and storage space.

  • University hostels facilitate an exciting opportunity to interact with foreign students and understand the cultures of other countries.

  • Also, there are private apartments for the students who prefer to live out of the university campuses.


Living Cost

  • In addition to university fees, to live in Russia usually a sum of 150 US Dollars per month is enough for a student for food and nominal personal expenses.

  • However, in big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg they might need around 300 USD to 500 USD.


Tuition Fee

  • Includes college fee, Library Charge, Laboratory Charge & Examination Fee.

  • The fees can be paid in yearly/ half yearly instalments.

  • The yearly tuition fees may vary from 4500 USD to 5000 USD depending upon the college.


Hostel Fee

  • Includes Accommodation, Beddings, Furniture, 24-hrs Electricity, 24-hrs open Kitchen, 24-hrs Hot & Cold-water supply and Centralized Room heating system.

  • The yearly tuition fees may vary from 800 USD to 3000 USD depending upon the college and the facilities provided.


MD (MBBS) Duration in Russia

  • Duration of studying MD (MBBS) in Russia is 6 years (English Medium), but most of the universities have a bilingual course.

  • They teach the first 3 years in English and the next 3 years in Russian and English.

  • As Russian language is widely used in hospitals, students have to learn the Russian language.

  • Even though there is no compulsion in passing any exams in Russian Language not as in China where you have to pass Chinese language to the level of HSK 4 to obtain your degree.

  • However, there are some Universities which teaches all the 6 years in English.


Advantages of studying MBBS (MD) in Russia over other Countries.

  1. In Russia the student directly gets admitted to the Medical Course.

  2. Cost of doing MD (MBBS) in Russia is nominal with nominal living expenses.
  3. No need to pay any donation.

  4. Do not need to pass any entrance exams.

  5. Very easy admission process.

  6. Eligibility is 60% marks min in physics, Chemistry, Biology however some colleges demand higher grades around 80% to 85%.

  7. A popular destination for medical studies for Indians for several decades.

  8. High-quality education.

  9. Emphasis on smart aspects in teaching.

  10. Advanced teaching facilities.

  11. Russian universities are globally recognized for their medical education.

  12. College infrastructures are ultra-modern, advanced and big.

  13. Well-equipped hospitals with tertiary care.

  14. Sufficient patient flow in hospitals helps the students to gain more practical knowledge and skills

  15. Teaching faculty is very good

  16. Student to teacher ratio is around 7:1 in most of the universities that is very good when compared to other countries.

  17. The medium of instruction is English. Students, Professors, Lectures speak English and Russian. However Russian is taught in the college which is mandatory as it will help them in their day to day life and during their internship in hospitals and also if the student clears higher level exams, they will be awarded with an additional degree in Russian language which is of very good demand nowadays. 

  18. European standard of living.

  19. Comfortable hostel accommodation inside the campus with all modern amenities, allowing the students to have a very comfortable living without any hindrance to pursue their studies.  

  20. Drinking alcohol and Drug consumption is prohibited and strict action will be taken against offenders inside college campus making it very hard for the students to get influenced by these social evils.

  21. Good study environment, modern, well equipped sports facility and well stocked library are provided inside the campus making it a very ideal environment for the all-round development of the students.

  22. All types of food products both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians are available in Russia.

  23. Most of the students prepare their own food that is economical and convenient.

  24. In some of the colleges Indian food is available at nominal rates which are arranged by Indian contactors. The college canteen is economical than the food consumed outside.

  25. Travel Cost is at par with other countries like Philippines or China. To and fro Flight ticket from Chennai to Moscow ranges around ₹. 40,000 and the connectivity is abundant.

  26. Travel time is also quite short; Chennai to Moscow is around 8 to 10 hours by flight with stopovers.

  27. Perfect balance of academic, sport and cultural activities 

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