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Medicine is a combination of art and science, the operating technique in surgeries is an art learned through practice (Many surgeons call themselves an artist due to this aspect) and the knowledge of what happens at the cellular and molecular level in the tissues is acquired through science. 

Medicine consists of a variety of healthcare practices both scientific and pre-scientific forms that have evolved to maintain and restore health. Pre-scientific forms of medicine are known as traditional medicine and folk medicine which comes under alternative medicines, while the modern scientific form is known as allopathic medicine.

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  • The main objective of becoming a doctor is to help mankind by making a positive impact on their lives by saving them and their loved ones from health issues, which also gives them a unique feeling of a savior who looks after people’s wellbeing and helping them recover and start living again.

  • They are always well respected in society and there is always a global and domestic demand for medical professionals.  The World Health Organization (WHO) projected that by 2030, low- and middle-income countries will have a deficit of 14.5 million healthcare professionals. This verifies that doctors are never out of job and get recruited the moment they graduate, and moreover there is no retirement age for a Doctor.  

  • We also need to note that doctors are paid well even during recessions and economic instabilities when others struggle to even find a decent job. While this shouldn’t be the main reason to choose Medicine as their career, but it is also impossible to ignore this aspect.

  • Based on the confession of many doctors, the interactions that they have with patients and their family members touch them so deeply that it changes the way they see their profession and life’s perspective and priorities. 




Studying MBBS involves a considerable investment of funds and also time which is not an easy task for everyone but the benefits are definitely worth it. Unlike other courses, medical studies take you on a definitive career path which is both uniquely rewarding as well as extremely challenging.

Like making a big difference in people’s life by saving them and on the other hand it might be very stressful with long work hours, night duties, you will be breaking the bad news to the kin of the diseased and the deceased.

If you have a passion for science, a helping heart and a fascination over our human body then this is definitively your career path. Don’t worry if you are unable to decide on which speciality to take in the future, as a Medical student, you have six years to decide on it.

" Learn to accept that you are good and that from you a lot of good can happen."


Cancer specialist and the Chairperson of Adyar Cancer Institute


  • The quality of a country’s healthcare system is one of the primary factors in selecting the country where you want to pursue your medical education.

  • The second reason is the affordability of quality medical education in abroad countries.

  • To Avoid local fierce competition and exorbitant college fees.

  • Implementation of the exit examination NEXT for both the local and foreign medical graduates eliminates the fear of being treated unfairly.

  • The internship made compulsory in India for all the foreign medical graduates helps them to get good hands-on practical exposure in India. 

  • Affordable tuition fees with low cost of living

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  • Uniformity of Medical knowledge and practice can be observed to a great extent in colleges and hospital all over the world, meaning which by graduating from a medical school or college Abroad, you can work anywhere else in the world after clearing their local exit examinations where necessary.

  • One has to keep in mind that if English is not spoken widely in the country where you plan to pursue your medical education, you will have to learn the local language. This knowledge will help you while communicating with the patients to understand their symptoms and their cause. 

  • Its better to check whether English language is enough to graduate and practise medicine in that country or learning their language is officially a must or optional. As your studies and exams may be in English, but you may have to communicate with the patients in their native language.

  • The rewards for studying Medicine Abroad can be quite rewarding personally as well as professionally, as you will come in contact with students from different countries with different culture and ideologies which will be an enriching experience. 

Why KEC?

  • One of the pioneers in this field send over a thousand students for their medical education abroad.

  • Run by Doctors who were once Foreign medical graduates themselves, thereby understands the real need of the students and their parents.

  • Tie ups with reputed colleges around the globe.

  • Real academic support not some dummy shows off.

  • Transparency of the works undertaken 

  • Transparency in all financial transactions.

  • Realtime support for the students during their stay and study in the university and beyond.

  • Genuine counselling with no hidden agenda or falsification of the details.

  • Guidance for future academic plans.

  • Recommendations that will be the most suitable for the students and the parents.



  • Counseling the parents/guardians and the students in selecting the courses and university / college according to their desire and capabilities.

  • Securing admission for the eligible candidates and providing admission letter from the respective university / college.

  • Pre medical subject and etiquette training, including a short-term language program.

  • Student’s visa & travel arrangements

  • Pre-departure seminar,

  • Eligibility certificate registration,

  • Apostillation of original documents

  • Equivalency Certificate,

  • Medical checkup in India at our center,

  • Documents required for educational loan, etc...

  • Accompanying the students from India till their college/university.

  • Admission to their college.

  • Hostel admission

  • Facilitating students to get settled initially.

  • Keeping track of their academic progress.

  • Academic Support.

  • One-way air ticket,

  • One tab with our own medical study App.



  • Studying medicine can be challenging but you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy being a student getting involved in all of your favourite activities like sports, music and other social activities, an experience that everyone says is the best part of their life. 

  • All that you need to do is to be efficient with your time management like don’t spend a whole afternoon watching movies if you have a dance rehearsal in the evening. 

  • University is not about just getting a degree, you will come to know more about yourself, your hidden talents and a lot more about people. In due course you will also acquire a lot of other skills like observation, logical reasoning, decision making, which hopefully will help you mould yourself into someone who is capable of handling any difficult situations like all good Doctors have to do.

  • You will also be able to hone your skills to work in a team, understand your role and responsibilities in the team and also will learn to assign task & lead a team to success.


with over 14+ years of expertise and 2000+ satisfied students, Karol Educational Consultancy has successfully extended its wide array of services in the arena of abroad MBBS consulting. Our humane services in addition to our knowledge, experience, and expertise have paved the way to roll out 1500+ accomplished doctors.

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MBBS in Abroad

Studying MBBS abroad advantage with the affordable fees structure is that the cost of living is also low and affordable. This allows the student to save a considerable amount of money.



Bangladesh is the country that rolls out the highest pass percentage in FMGE when compared to other abroad countries.

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MBBS in Russia

The duration of studying MBBS in Russia is 6 years (English Medium), but most of the universities have a bilingual course.

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MBBS in China is the best decision. China is well known for its medical education. It ebbing with new technology, research and thus job opportunities.

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