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MBBS in Bangladesh Study MBBS in Abroad


After the advent of NEET exam, the competition for MBBS seats has become merciless.  For 65,000 available MBBS seats in India, nearly 12 Lakhs students compete.  The medical aspirants who could not score high marks in NEET exam wish to pursue MBBS abroad.  In western countries the cost of study of MBBS is unimaginable for most of the Indian students. 

Then, what is the way forward?

MBBS In Bangladesh.

Basically, Bangladesh is our neighbouring country which has a cultural and historical affinity with India.  Since Bangladesh is coming up economically the cost of living is relatively less, perhaps, akin to India.  So, Indian students can relate their identity with Bangladesh students.  Bangladesh has popular medical colleges like Central medical college, Eastern Medical College, Ragib-Rabeya Medical college, Adin Sakina Foundation Colleges (6 colleges under the foundation including two women’s colleges).

Duration of MBBS In Bangladesh.

The duration of MBBS is 5 years which is followed by a one-year internship which can be pursued in India or in Bangladesh which is recognised by the MCI.  The medium of instruction is English which is an advantage for the Indian student.

Cost of Study and Stay.

Comparatively speaking, the cost of MBBS study in Bangladesh is more affordable to Indian students.  The medical colleges allow flexible payment system.  The fees can be remitted in multiple instalments.  Excellent hostel facilities with Indian food are available. 


Bangladesh capital city Dhaka, Commila &  Shyllet is well connected to India via Airways, Railways, Roadways and Waterways.  The cost of journey is also very affordable to the Indian students.

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