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Top Reasons why MBBS students prefer to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Why Medical education in Bangladesh is the priority for most of the Indian Medical aspirants?

Dr. Seyed, MD and chief advisor for Medical Education in Bangladesh at Karol Education, Chennai comes out with the fact that there are numerous Indians who aspire to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Stating further about the reasons for the preference of Bangladesh by the Indian Medical aspirants, Dr. Seyed also stated that those who miss the admissions in India for MBBS consider Bangladesh a better option than any other foreign universities.

Top two reasons for opting to study MBBS in Bangladesh

Top reasons for studying MBBS in Bangladesh include the cost factor and the validity of the degree earned.

  • The cost factor:

This includes the fee structure, travelling expenses, living expenses and the other miscellaneous expenses. On the whole, the cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is less expensive than India. The overall cost will count to around 25 to 35 lacs for the entire course.

  • Validity of the degree earned:

As indicated by Dr. Seyed, the validity of the Medical Degree from Bangladesh is perceived all over the world as it is MCI and WHO recognized. Moreover, the added advantage for Indian students is that the climate being almost similar to India opens way for very similar clinical exposure for the students. Apart from the clinical exposure, the years of study, the curriculum and books followed are all the same as those approved by the MCI.  

Other advantages that add up to the reason for opting Bangladesh

  • Proximity to India

The closeness of Bangladesh to India opens up immense opportunities for the Indian Wannabe Doctors. It makes it easy for the students and for the family to travel as and when required. The to and fro cost starts from as less as 7000/- INR.

This advantage of proximity to India makes Bangladesh one of the most preferred countries for Indian students to study MBBS.

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