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The once cherished dream of becoming a doctor in India is no longer cherished through

When we compare the craze of becoming a doctor to last century, it can be easily identified that the craze has slowly come down. For the brilliant and the high scorers one of the most sought after profession of the last century was medicine, but the current trend has shifted towards other streams rather than medicine in India.

What causes this major shift?

Can we say that the interest and craze of students to become a doctor has come down? It doesn’t seem so, even today there are so many millions dreaming to become a Doctor which is one the most respected professions.

But, then why is there a major drift in opting for MBBS in India? Can it be because of the major difficulties that have put a block to the dreams of the millions who aspire to become a doctor in India?

The answer is without a thought, YES. The demanding NEET and the soaring medicine cost in India has made the dream come down an unachievable one for thousands of medical aspirants.

It all starts with limited number of medical seats in Indian medical schools. This is also aggravated by the reservation of seats and the NEET filtration.

But it doesn’t stop there…

A new gateway has made the fading out dream of Indian medical aspirants becoming a doctor glitter again. The popularizing abroad MBBS option has become the out sought out decision for thousands and thousands of Indian medical aspirants.

With immense number of medical seats in abroad medical universities the advantage of “International medical graduate” title has fuelled up the move and today there are a great number of Indian students who opt for medical universities abroad, thus making their dream turn into reality.

Medical education abroad

The difficulties of becoming a doctor in India can ever stop those who aspire to become a doctor and this has been proved by immense number of students who take up medicinal courses abroad.

MBBS abroad has a huge range of opportunities when compared to MBBS in India. The global exposure and globally valid certifications has pulled more and more students every year towards abroad MBBS.

This being said so, it is highly recommended to opt for MBBS abroad without any fear and confusion.

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