MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Studying medicine in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan, a comprehensive guide: Part-3

Low Budget: Around 23 to 25 Lakhs approximately and yes that will be the minimum.

Countries offering medical studies within this budget: Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan:

One of the popular preferences mostly among North Indians who wish to do medicine abroad. The reasons behind it are

  • Requires the least budgets to do medicine abroad among so many countries where you can do medicine
  • Lots of Indian students’ study there. Most of the institutions have above 1500 Indian students studying there, in some, there are several thousands of Indian Students.
  • Indian Mess, Due to the presence of Indian students in huge numbers almost all the institutions are running Indian Canteens.
  • Many institutions are managed by Indians which suits the Indian students.
  • Climate, the climatic conditions here are more adaptable to Indians.


English: The medium of instruction in these medical colleges is English. Many colleges even have Indian faculty members, which we Indians find comfortable. We don’t have to master a new but knowledge of the local language is essential, the importance of which I have mentioned in my other blog.

Climate: The climatic conditions are pleasant and bearable for us Indians. Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan has both hot dry summer & continental, The Mediterranean climate during winters. Average daily high temperatures range from -10°C in January to about 31 °C during July

Cost & Budget: Nominal tuition fee and living expenses. The tuition fee will be around 13 to 18 lakh Indian rupees and the living expenses will be around 10,000 Indian rupees per month which will include your hostel and food expenses. Two-way flight tickets from India to Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan will cost you around 25, 000 Indian rupees. So, the entire budget of doing medicine in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan will work out to around 24 lakh Indian rupees.

Food: Indian Mess is available in most of the colleges. Due to the presence of Indian students in huge numbers, almost all the institutions are running Indian Canteens where special dishes are prepared during festivities and Indian festivals.


Curriculum: Most of the medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan follow the same pattern of medical education as followed in Russia, Ukraine, etc… which is for 6 years, but some colleges have taken special permission from the ministry of education and designed a curriculum especially for Indian students which is only for a period of 5 years, However, the quality of the academics in these specialized curriculum has a lot to be improved from its current standards. Many offers to coach for MCI screening test due to the high number of Indian students studying there but the quality of it is quite debatable in most of the institutions. As the whole medical course is done in 5 years it becomes a bit hectic to learn all the subjects thoroughly, forcing the students to compromise on the depth of understanding the subjects resulting in not so good number of pass outs in the MCI screening test.

Bribe: Bribe is prevalent in most of the institutions, from teachers to the administration they all take bribes for some reason or the other.

These are the only two things that I find as the negative aspects of pursuing your medical education in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan. These two things can be avoided by putting your sincere efforts in achieving your dreams of becoming a Doctor by concentrating more on your studies.

Folks, I think I have covered all the aspects of pursuing medical education in Kyrgyzstan & Kazakhstan and hope this gives you a fair idea with all the ground realities. If anything, more comes to my mind will update you. Medium Budget: Russia, China, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia.

To be continued…

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