Study MBBS in Ukraine

Why Study Abroad? Why go for Education Abroad? Why even study in a country like Ukraine?

Affordable globally recognized medical degree in the high standard university with good infrastructures and trained by highly qualified teachers. Ukraine is an extremely popular destination to study medicine, for foreign students. A Huge number of Indian students have successfully completed their medical education from Ukraine have passed the MCI screening test.

Advantages of MBBS in Ukraine

No Donation
No Entrance Exam
English Medium
Average fees
MCI Approved
W.H.O recognised
Separate Hostel for Girls
Indian Food

Ukraine Fee

20 - 30 Lacks Total Package

MBBS Fees in Ukraine is nominal compared with other Countries with No Hidden Charges which will be 20-30 lakh Indian Rupees for the whole course along with food & accommodation.

1000 + Students

There are thousands of International students studying Medicine in Ukraine including a sizable number from India.

Sports & Events

Ukrainian people are sport-lovers. So the students have side opportunities to practice sports in colleges.


The medium of Education in English. Students, Professors, Lecturers speak English, Russian & Ukrainian.


Ukraine is located at a strategic point in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Russia to the East and North East and Belarus to the North West—Poland, Hungary, Slovakia to the East. Romania and Moldova are located on the North Eastern border of Ukraine. The Black Sea and Sea of Azov border the South and South East of Ukraine.


Ukraine has a temperate climate during most part of the year. The regions of Ukraine adjacent to Crimea experiences sub-tropical climate. The average annual temperature in the Northern part of the country is 5.5 – 7C and the Southern part is 11 – 13 C. The weather is generally tolerable and enjoyable for people from temperate countries like India. Ukraine enjoys an annual rainfall of 1200 mm.


Well, Furnished, Safe & Secure Hostel facility with security Guards is provided for the students.


Ukraine is a republic under a mixed, semi-parliamentary, Semi-presidential system with a separate legislature, executive and judiciary, and the official Language are Ukrainian.


60% marks & NEET

The eligibility to study MBBS in Ukraine is 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

TO & FRO Flight ticket from Chennai to Kyiv Starts from Rs. 40,000.
Food habits & cuisines in Ukraine are almost the same as in Eastern Europe. Students may have an opportunity to get exposed to one of the finest cuisines in Europe.
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