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Study MBBS in Bangladesh 2020

Bangladesh is the country that rolls out students with the highest pass percentage in FMGE when compared to other abroad countries. MBBS in Bangladesh is a great choice for Indian students. MBBS in Bangladesh is becoming a super-hot destination for Indian students

Totally there are 112 recognized medical colleges available in Bangladesh, 36 are government colleges, and 70 are private medical colleges in Bangladesh, MBBS in Bangladesh offers one of the lowest budget MBBS degrees among foreign countries for Indian Students.

MBBS in Bangladesh offers world-class medical education with the highest standard of teaching and well trained professional faculty. This is the reason for doing MBBS in Bangladesh results in the highest MCI Passing percentage, which is quite higher when compared to any other country.

MBBS in Bangladesh’s most important point is the total cost of living and education here is quite affordable when compared to other countries, MBBS in Bangladesh’s average cost of the MBBS degree varies from ₹26 Lakh to ₹35 Lakh.

Highlights of Study MBBS in Bangladesh

Degree Name MBBS
MBBS Duration 5 years
Recognition of Universities MCI, ECFMG & WHO
Basic Eligibility 60% in 10th & Overall 60% in 12th P, C, B  & 60% minimum in Biology.
IELTS & TOEFL Not Required
Last Date to Apply Nov-2020
NEET Eligibility Yes, mandatory as per the Indian government unless given an exemption.
Cost of Living in Bangladesh Rs 5000 per month which includes food and nominal personal expenses.
Type of Medical Universities Private
KEC students for Central Medical Colleges in Comilla, Bangladesh.

Studying in Bangladesh is almost like studying MBBS in India

Indian students studying MBBS in Bangladesh feel like they are studying in India, as the college campus has the same environment, same curriculum, follow the same books as in Indian medical colleges. Not only does this MBBS in Bangladesh had the same study patterns as MBBS in India. Not just students during their clinical trials faced the same common diseases in India. The test pattern is exactly the same as those in Indian medical schools, in fact, the length of the MBBS in Bangladesh is the same as in India.

  1. Same authors of books
  2. Same syllabus
  3. The same pattern of learning
  4. The same pattern of testing
  5. Study of similar diseases
  6. Same Duration for MBBS


Duration of study MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. The duration of MBBS in Bangladesh is 5 years.
  2. But after doing the 5 years MBBS in Bangladesh the student has to pass the FMGE exams to undergo a 1-year compulsory internship in India.
  3. It is mandatory for all the students who study MBBS abroad.
  4. You can also do your internship in Bangladesh as some states in India recognize the internship that the students are doing in Bangladesh.
  5. But nowadays many states of India do not recognize the internship done in any foreign country and the internship has to be done compulsorily in India.
Dr. Prabhu Ramani Visit Eastern Medical College & Hospital in Comilla, Bangladesh.

MBBS in Bangladesh Eligibility Criteria 2020

  • Students should be eligible as per the norms of the Directorate General of Medical Education which issues equivalency certificate based on criteria of the student’s educational qualifications.
  • Based on the equivalency certificate, the medical colleges in Bangladesh admit foreign students.
  • However, some medical colleges demand a minimum of 80% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • To seek admission in any medical college of Bangladesh, an Indian medical aspirant has to have qualify NEET with qualifying marks.
  • To seek admission to any medical college in Bangladesh, the Indian medical promoter must have a NEET with the appropriate marks.
  • The learner must be 17 years or older on or before 31 December of the year in which the learner is admitted.
  • A student will not be eligible for MBBS admission in Bangladesh if there is a gap of more than 2 years after class 12 or 2.
  • The student should have obtained a Pass Certificate (Class 12) this year (2020) or last year (2019) only.
  • If you fail to meet this procedure, then you will not be eligible to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • The student must have deleted the 10th grade in 2017 or 2018.
  • Indian students must have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in classes XI and XII.
Dr. Prabhu Meet Central Medical College Visit

MBBS in Bangladesh Study Pattern and Exam Pattern

  • Lecturers conduct lectures in the traditional way like in Indian medical colleges.
  • Efficient & interactive (viva based).
  • The teacher discusses daily with the students on topics taught in lectures. These are the tutorial classes.
  • So the teachers take special care of the weaker students to cope up with their studies.
  • Viva based on skills/procedures.
  • Clinical wards and card exams are very important from the 3rd year.
  • So the students get eligibility for prof exams only after considering their Clinical wards and Cards.
  • The student has to complete all clinical cards to be eligible to give the 4th Prof exam.
Study Phase Phase Duration Subjects Examination
First Phase 1.5 year
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
First Professional MBBS
Second Phase 1 year
  • Community Medicine
  • Forensic Medicine
Second Professional MBBS
Third Phase 1 year
  • Pharmacology & Therapeutics
  • Pathology
  • Microbiology
Third Professional MBBS
Fourth Phase 1.5 year
  • Medicine & Allied Subjects
  • Surgery & Allied Subjects
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
Final Professional MBBS

Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh over other Countries

Education Standards: Bangladesh has Top Medical Universities which offer world-class education with high-quality standards and well-experienced staff.

Curriculum: They follow the pattern & curriculum of the Indian medical colleges which helps the Indian students to clear the MCI screening test with ease. In fact, the highest pass percentage of Indian students in the MCI screening test is from Bangladesh.

Direct MBBS: In the Philippines candidates need to study Basic Science for 18 months then has to take the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and has to score minimum 40 percentile in this examination to get admitted to the medical course in the Philippines, but in Bangladesh, the student directly gets admitted to the M.B.B.S Course.

Cost: MBBS Fees in Bangladesh is nominal compared with other Countries with No Hidden Charges which will be 30-40 lakh Indian Rupees for the whole course along with food, travel, nominal personal expenses & accommodation.

Highest pass percentage: The passing percentage of Indian graduates from Bangladesh medical colleges is very high in the MCI screening test.

Academically Strong: Bangladesh colleges are academically strong. The students can prepare themselves for various highly competitive exams like USMLE, PLAB, AMC, etc.

Food: Food habits & cuisines in Bangladesh are the same as in India with great availability of fruits and snacks as in India.

Hostels: Well Furnished, Safe & Secure Hostel facility with 24/7 security Guards is provided for the students.

Study Environment: As Bangladesh has no discos, fewer malls, and theatres, the students get to concentrate more on their studies without any distractions and the colleges have strict rules and regulations to monitor & govern the students.

Sports & Events: The universities support sport & cultural activities ensuring the overall development of the students.

Culture: The Culture in Bangladesh is similar to that of India.

Climate: Climatic conditions are moderate and are the same as in India.

Language: The medium of Education in English. Students, Professors, Lectures speak English, Hindi, and Bengali.

Travel: Cost is quite low as compared to China, the Philippines, or Russia. TO & FRO Flight ticket from Chennai to Dhaka Starts from Rs. 7000. Travel time is also quite short; Kolkata to Dhaka is approx. 1 hour by flight or 8-10 hours By Bus.

Eligibility: The eligibility to study MBBS in Bangladesh is 60 -70% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

All the fees related to the college have to be paid as per the schedule given by the university.

Patient Flow: As Bangladesh is densely populated, there is a huge patient flow in hospitals, due to which the students gain more practical knowledge and skills.

Social Evils: Drinking alcohol and Drug consumption are prohibited in Bangladesh making it very hard for the students to get influenced by these social evils. Alcohol sales is banned throughout the country.

Recognition: Recognized by the Medical Council of India, WHO & various Medical Boards around the Globe.

Global Listing: Listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools

Best Colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. Central Medical College
  2. Eastern Medical College
  3. Dhaka National
  4. Jahurul Islam Medical College
  5. Holy Family
  6. Enam Medical College and Hospital
  7. Ibn Sina Medical College
  8. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College
  9. Kumudini Women’s Medical College

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    Fee Structure MBBS in Bangladesh

    Name of College Location Total Fees (5 years ) Approx. Budget With Fees + Mess + Hostel
    Central Medical College Comilla ₹25,90,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹30 lakh
    Eastern Medical College Comilla ₹30,10,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹33 lakh
    Jahurul Islam Medical College Kishoreganj ₹27,30,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹30 lakh
    Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka ₹31,50,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹40 lakh
    Enam Medical College & Hospital Dhaka ₹28,00,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹35 lakh
    Ad-Din Women’s Medical College Dhaka ₹26,60,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹33 lakh
    Dhaka National Medical College Dhaka ₹33,60,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹38 lakh
    Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College Dhaka ₹28,00,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹35 lakh
    Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College Dhaka ₹28,00,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹30 lakh
    North-East Medical College Sylhet ₹28,00,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹30 lakh
    Green Life Medical Collge Dhaka ₹28,00,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹34 lakh
    Southern Medical College Chittagong ₹25,20,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹27 lakh
    MH Samorita Medical College Dhaka ₹29,40,000 ₹31 lakh
    Rangpur Community Medical College Rangpur ₹27,96,500 (Including hostel rent) ₹30 lakh
    Uttara Adhunik Medical College Dhaka ₹30,80,000 ₹38 lakh
    Holy Family Red Cresent Medical College Dhaka ₹35,17,500 (Only tuition fee) ₹42 lakh
    Sylhet Women’s Medical College Sylhet ₹26,60,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹29 lakh
    Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Dhaka ₹30,80,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹33 lakh
    Kumudini Women’s Medical College Dhaka ₹30,80,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹33 lakh
    Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College Sylhet ₹30,06,500 (Including hostel rent) ₹32 lakh
    East-West Medical College Dhaka ₹31,50,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹36 lakh
    Universal Medical College Dhaka ₹26,60,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹33 lakh
    Mainamoti Medical College Comilla ₹26,60,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹29 lakh
    TMSS Medical College Bogra ₹28,00,000 (Including hostel rent & food) ₹28 lakh
    Dhaka Central International Medical College Dhaka ₹27,30,000 ₹30 lakh
    Medical College for Women & Hospital Dhaka ₹28,00,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹33 lakh
    Popular Medical College Dhaka ₹31,50,000 (Including Hostel fee) ₹36 lakh
    International Medical College Gazipur ₹29,40,000 ₹33 lakh
    City Medical College Dhaka ₹27,30,000 (Including hostel rent) ₹30 lakh
    Monno Medical College Manikganj ₹25,90,000 (Only tuition fee) ₹32 lakh

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