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Fudan University (simplified Chinese: 复旦大学; traditional Chinese: 復旦大學; pinyinFùdàn Dàxué) is a major public research university in ShanghaiChina. It is widely considered as one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China.[4] Founded in 1905, shortly before the end of China’s imperial Qing dynasty, Fudan was the first university established independently by the Chinese people.[5][6] Fudan is a member of the elite C9 League and a Chinese Ministry of Education Class A Double First Class University

Fudan is renowned for its liberal atmosphere and rigorous academics. It is an important academic center for Chinese humanities, natural sciences, and medical studies. Fudan enjoys the reputation of The No.1 Academy of Jiangnan (“江南第一学府“).[8] For the past hundred years, Fudan has made significant contributions to the development of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, the well-being of the society, and the advance of the national education, science, medicine, and technology.[9] Fudan has cultivated a number of outstanding talents and many prominent figures for modern China. Notable Fudan alumni include Chen YinkeChen WangdaoChu CochingYan FuYu Youren and “China’s Kissinger” Wang Huning.

Type Public medical school
Established 1905
Academic affiliation Affiliated with 21 Academic
Chairman Xu Ningsheng

Prof. Yun-Li Xie

Location 220 Handan Rd., Yangpu District
Language English

Facilities in Fudan University


Almost all of students’ elective classes will take place at Wenke building or surrounding classroom buildings where our partner Fudan SSDPP is situated at.  Wenke classroom building is located on Handan Road, cross street is Guonian Road.


Fudan University Library was formally established in 1922, previously known as the Reading Room of Wu Wu (1918). Today it comprises the Liberal Arts Library, the Science Library and the Medical Library, with a total floor of 29,000 square meters.

The library has access to 24,000 full-text e-journals and over 150 CD and online databases. It has eight open stacks, two general reading rooms and 19 reading rooms with specialized functions, totaling 2,400 seats. The library is open for 112 hours weekly and serves more than 7,000 visiting readers daily.


The main building located in the northwest corner of Fudan campus is a 23-story building with 728 rooms in total, including 582 single rooms and 146 double rooms. The lobby of the main building includes a reading area, mailboxes and a 24-hour reception desk service. From the 2nd floor to the 20th floor, each floor is equipped with 2 kitchens at both ends of the corridor. The kitchens are equipped with an induction cooker and an automatic water boiler. All rooms in the main building are equipped with a balcony, an air-conditioner, a private bathroom and Internet access. The main building has elevators.

Foreign students can stay at the International Students Dormitory and you will find information about reservation in the handbook, which will be emailed to you when you are admitted. Please note that a single room in the main building with a private bathroom is not guaranteed. The quantity and type of dorm rooms provided by the school will be based on the actual situation of June 2020.

Other facilities

There are two Fudan gyms located on campus. One at North campus close to Tonghe apartments. Another one is located by Wenke Building on Zhengxiu Road and Guoquan Road at South campus. Students are usually required to show their ID to enter and use facilities. A swimming pool is available at the gym on South campus but only open during the summer months of June to August. Students would need to swipe their ID to use the pool since it is not free. Fees are rmb 30 for 4 hours. Make sure you have sufficient funds on your student card.