Medium Budget Countries for Abroad MBBS

Medical education at affordable cost is the prime reason for most of the Indian medical aspirants to look out for abroad MBBS. With the cost of MBBS in Indian private medical colleges soaring high to about 1.5 crore, MBBS abroad is the gateway for the wannabe docotros to fulfill their dreams. If you are looking to study MBBS abroad at affordable cost, then here are the list of countries from which you can opt for.

Medium Budget Countries for Abroad MBBS

MBBS in Russia, China & Bangladesh - Academic Comparison

Criteria Russia China Bangladesh
Entrance examination No No No
NEET qualified Yes Yes Yes
Standard of Curriculum Government standard of Education Government standard of Education Same as India
Gateway to medical practice in USA Yes Yes Yes
Ease of clearing USMLE Yes Yes Yes
Fee structure 20 L to 35 L 20 L to 35 L 24 L to 30 L
Duration 6 years 5+1 years 5+1 years
Name of the degree MBBS MBBS MD or MBBS
Medium of instruction Russian/English Chinese/English English
Official language Russian Mandarin Bengali
Language barrier No Yes No
Opportunities for Clinical rotations in USA and UK Yes Yes Yes
Infrastructure Good Good Good
Curriculum Government standard Chinese Government standard Indian MCI 

MBBS in Russia, China & Bangladesh - Geographic Comparison

Criteria Russia China Bangladesh
Location The state is located in eastern Europe and northern Asia Located in the continent of Asia Bangladesh is situated in both the eastern and northern hemispheres, and is located on the Indian subcontinent in south-central Asia
Area 17.1 million km2 9.597 million km2 147,570 km²
Population 14.45 crores 138.64 crores 16.47 crores
Climate Cold and Moderate Cold and Moderate Same as India
Currency Russian ruble Renminbi taka
Exchange rate 1.15 Indian rupee 10.31 Indian rupee 0.84 Indian rupee
Time difference from India India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Moscow, Russia 2 hours and 30 minutes 30 minutes ahead of India
Travelling time from India 6 to 10 hours 4 hours 2 to 5 hours
Ticket cost Starts from 25,000 INR Starts from 36,000 INR Starts from 13,000
Literacy rate 99.68% 96.8% 72.89%
Dialing code +7 +86 +880