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Medical Colleges in Bangladesh – Academics

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh – Academics

On this page, we will brief you about the academics in the Medical Colleges of Bangladesh

Eligibility Criteria
  • Students should be eligible as per the norms of the Directorate General of Medical Education which issues equivalency certificate based on criteria of the student’s educational qualifications.
  • Based on the equivalency certificate, the medical colleges in Bangladesh admit foreign students.
  • However, some medical colleges demand a minimum of 80% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • The duration of doing MBBS in Bangladesh is 5 years.
  • But after doing the 5 years MBBS in Bangladesh the student has to pass the FMGE exams to undergo a 1-year compulsory internship in India.
  • It is mandatory for all the students who study MBBS abroad.
  • You can also do your internship in Bangladesh as some states in India recognize the internship that the students are doing in Bangladesh.
  • But nowadays many states of India do not recognize the internship done in any foreign country and the internship has to be done compulsorily in India.
Premedical course (NMT)
  • You don’t have to do any pre-medical courses to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • Due to this, the students are admitted directly to the 1st year of the MBBS course.
  • As of now, it is mandatory as per the norm of the Indian government to study medicine.
  • However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, this may be relaxed this year 2020.
Language requirement
  • There is no need for any IELTS/TOEFL
  • But an average English knowledge is necessary for students to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
Entrance exam/interview
  • No Entrance exam/interview required for the private medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • However, Students should clear the entrance exam for admissions to government medical colleges with scholarships
  • There is a quota for students from SAARC countries under the scholarship scheme.
  • Thereby Indians have a quota of only 22 M.B.B.S seats and only 2 Dental seats in the quota for students from SAARC countries, under this scholarship scheme.
  • Students get a scholarship when they are admitted through this Quota.
The medium of Instruction in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
  • Teachers in Medical colleges of Bangladesh instruct in English with a mix of the local language, the same being followed in Medical colleges in India, done with a mix of the local language.
Strength of a class
  • Medical colleges in Bangladesh have a good student to teacher ratio of around 10 -15 students in a batch for a teacher.
  • So creating a good student-teacher interaction.
Proficiency of faculties in academics in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
  • Very Good, just like the faculty in Indian Medical Colleges,
  • This plays a vital role in academics of the Medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • This makes the students score well in examinations.
  • lecturers conduct lectures in the traditional way like in Indian medical colleges.
The efficiency of Classes & practicals in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
  • Efficient & interactive (viva based).
  • The teacher discusses daily with the students on topics taught in lectures. These are the tutorial classes.
  • so the teachers take special care of the weaker students to cope up with their studies.
The pattern of the theory exam
  • Not many countries have these kinds of testing and follow-ups during the medical education program.
  • This kind of testing and follow-up is not done in many Indian medical colleges.
  • The system of testing is divided into Item, Cards, Term, and Prof exams.
  • Firstly, Item: Items are more or less like small topics that are taught every day at college.
  • The items taught on that day are tested by viva the next day.
  • Secondly, Cards: Card exams consist of 20 to 50 items & are scheduled as per the completion of Items.
  • Thirdly, Term: 2 cards make 1 term. It takes 6 months to complete 1 term.
  • Finally, Prof: 2 to 3 terms make a prof exam. There are a total of 4 Professional Exams.
  • If the student fails in the first attempt to pass the Prof Exams he can attempt it again after 6 months.
The pattern of the practical exam
  • Viva based on skills/procedures.
  • Clinical wards and card exams are very important from the 3rd year.
  • So the students get eligibility for prof exams only after considering their Clinical wards and Cards.
  • The student has to complete all clinical cards to be eligible to give the 4th Prof exam.
The efficiency of the evaluation system
  • University conducts the prof exam and not by the college.
  • So the chances of malpractice happening in many medical colleges abroad is nil.
  • The locals and foreign students have to undergo the same tests and exams.
  • So this continuous evaluation system keeps the students engaged in their studies, making them less prone to diversions and distractions.
  • However, they get enough time to relax and engage in various extracurricular activities and sports which plays a vital role along with the academics in the Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
Attendance & discipline
  • Medical colleges in Bangladesh strictly monitor the student’s attendance.
  • So the students should not miss their classes and should have proper attendance.
Research labs 
  • Moderate facilities are available in all the medical colleges of Bangladesh.
  • So the students can carry out research works if they are interested.
The necessity of local language in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
  • Bangla is not a difficult language to learn.
  • It is almost the same as Bengali which can be easily mastered.
  • So learning Bangla is not tough like the Chinese or Russian language.
  • Learning Bangla will be necessary, for treating the patients and interacting with the locals for their day to day needs only.
  • So you don’t have to pass any tests or exams on the language.
Clinical exposure in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh has a high population density and has a huge patient flow in hospitals.
  • The students during their hospital visits have vibrant experience and good patient exposure even in Private Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
Hands-on exposure
  • Most countries, allow the students only to observe and do not allow to perform procedures on the patients.
  • But Medical colleges in Bangladesh allow the students to get good clinical exposure and allow them to conduct procedures on the patients, thereby providing the best hands-on experience to the students.
Pass percentage in FMGE
  •  The pass percentage in FMGE is above 30% which is one of the highest amongst all the medical colleges abroad.

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