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MCI rules and Regulations for MBBS abroad

High standards of medical education within India is established and maintained by the governmental body of India known as Medical Council of India (MCI.) In line with this, MCI is the one that sanctions the medical degrees awarded by foreign universities before the physicians begin to practice medicine in India. With this being the important part of MBBS abroad, let’s have a glance at the major MCI rules for pursuing abroad MBBS.

  • Eligibility certificates issued by MCI is mandatory for those who want to perform MBBS abroad and in addition to this, the NEET scorecard is also mandatory for those looking to pursue MBBS abroad
  • Verifying the college or university abroad is MCI approved
  • For the purpose of registration in India the aspirant must possess the NEETT scorecard in the same year of admission
  • MCI allows the student to go for MBBS abroad only if the candidate is 17 years on or before December 31st of the year of admission.
  • MCI tries to avoid misleading or false fabricated information to Indian nationals who are aspiring to study MBBS abroad in terms of fee structure, approval or recognition of the university or institution, duration of the course etc. In line with this, MCI advices those who want to study MBBs abroad to get confirmation on the above factors from MCI
  • A licensing test is mandatory for every student who does MBBS abroad from an MCI recognized university. The licensing test which is MCI screening test or FMGE requires complete dedicated preparation to crack it.

These are just the major MCI rules and regulation for abroad MBBS. To know more about MBBS abroad call us at 9884333008.

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