MBBS in Bangladesh makes your dream come true

MBBS in Bangladesh Mbbs in Bangladesh Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Bangladesh makes your dream come true

MBBS in Bangladesh makes your dream come true, with added advantages rather than in India.

Pursuing MBBS has been my dream right from school, but obstacles like NEET and the huge cost incurred in studying MBBS at private Indian medical colleges have made my burning aspiration of becoming a medical practitioner come down.MBBS after a low score in NEET has become only an unachievable goal for most of the MBBS postulants like me. Moreover, the skyrocketing cost of about 1 crore for completing MBBS in private Indian medical colleges has made the dream of becoming a doctor stay a dream always.

It was when I was totally frustrated, that I heard about MBBS in Bangladesh for Indianstudents. At first, I thought that MBBS in Bangladesh is not for me because, as a girl I was worried about the safety of opting MBBS in Bangladesh. Moreover, there were many questions that popped up in my mind such as, Is the curriculum of MBBS in Bangladesh similar to Indian curriculum? Are the colleges MCI approved? Is the fee of MBBS in Bangladesh affordable? Is the climate in Bangladesh adjustable? And so on… Above all, I was totally stuck when it came to selection of university and the process of applying for MBBS in Bangladesh.

This is when I, came to know about Karol EducationConsultancy, the pioneer in abroad MBBS consulting, through one of my friends. She was telling me how KEC could be the best guide for Indian MBBS aspirants, when it comes to choosing the right university, college and applying for it. Not only that, she also explained on how humane they are and how caring they are, in aiding the students to reach their goal of studying MBBS in Abroad.

I immediately decided to get their counseling and dropped in along with my parents at their office at Chennai and that was one good decision that I have ever made. More than me, it was my parents who were totally satisfied in sending me to Bangladeshfor MBBS . This was because we were able to get complete insights from KEC on the following:

  • The affordable fee for MBBS in Bangladesh
  • The climate and culture in Bangladesh which is very similar to that of India
  • Bangladesh MBBS curriculum that is as per the Indian curriculum
  •  MBBS in Bangladesh offers Immense Clinical exposure for Indian students – Since Bangladesh is a tropical country like India, the pattern of disease here is similar to that of India and thus paves the way for immense exposure and clinical knowledge for Indian students.
  •  Application Processes for Abroad MBBS
  • Transportation – Transportation to Bangladesh for MBBS is very easy as it is well connected to India through air, land and rail. Daily flights and trains are available from India to Bangladesh and the two-way fair starts from INR 7000/- form India to Dhaka.
  •  Food – Almost all the time we get Indian food in Bangladesh MBBS colleges and in the restaurants.
  •  Hostel accommodation is much affordable for MBBS students in Bangladesh when compared to the hostel fees in India.

Above all, the Medium of Instruction being English and the pass percentage of FMGE being the highest in Bangladesh MBBS colleges makes it the best abroad MBBS option for Indian students.

Thanks to KEC and I have now decided to join MBBS in Bangladesh for the academic year 2019-2020.

Source : https://write2sugan.blogspot.com/2019/09/mbbsin-bangladesh-makes-your-dream-come.html

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