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KEC Services

Welcome to the world of hurdles, where you have to struggle until your efforts are recognized. We at KAROL will make the path towards recognition a smoother one. We were the pioneers in starting the coaching classes for the Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) in Chennai for clearing the MCI Screening test. We had students from various foreign institutes who even got through their entrance examination in India,after attending our Coaching Classes. See some of our services listed below:


At your service since 2005. We have satisfied more than 1000 of students in medical coaching history that can assure you a high reliability on us...

  • We counsel your children the best field to choose.
  • Affordable courses with No donations.
  • We avoid your children from admitting in undesired courses.
  • We do admission 2 times annually.
  • We help your children to achieve the professional course with 60% in 12th.
  • We personally care about the students from 1st year to last year.
  • We provide a laptop loaded with video lectures & e-books + preparatory materials needed/year.
  • Online follow up of academic updates for our students.
  • Summer camps for practical skills will be organized in India.
  • We guide you in multiple directions to acquire jobs in USA, Australia & Europe.
  • We take care of admission procedures in India & in the universities.
  • We arrange Invitations & Visa letters from universities.
  • We arrange eligibility certificates from MCI.
  • We provide a safer transport to our students from India till the Hostels of universities.
  • We also provide our students with flight ticket.

Every semester parents will be informed with academic status of children, mark sheets & complaints.

  • Our students will be provided with free crash course for FMGE after completing the university.
  • We will be aiding in foreign job appointments.
  • We conduct special programs for foreign exams.
  • Indian doctors are always preferred over others in USA, Europe & Australia with variety of opportunities are available in clinical, preclinical & research fields.
  • China,Philippines,Caribbean,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Russia,Georgia are having their licensing exams for which there are centres in India & Singapore.

2 or 3 staged exams with high passing rates assure students a better option to work abroad. Our “Exam oriented teaching modules” from 1st year till last year guarantee an express ticket to success; who prefer to appear in such licensing examinations. We also provide special teaching programs dedicated to specific exams conducted in university campus where students can access with ease. Follow up of students with proper guidance from ECFMG registration till interview for the jobs will be provided by KEC.

We assure our students a better & easier path to join the most sophisticated & respected community of Doctors...

KEC Testimonials

Pre Admission Services

  • Counselling to select the right University
  • Admission Notice in desired University
  • Admission Documentation
  • Assistance for Education Loan
  • Assistance for Scholorship
  • Obtaining MCI Eligiblity Certificate
  • Visa Procurement
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Currency Exchange
  • Certification of Documents

Post Admission Services

  • Airport Pickup
  • Admission in desired University
  • Hostel Admission
  • Foreign Insurance
  • MCI Coaching
  • Internship Placements
  • Job Placements in India & Abroad
  • Free Study Material

Admission Guidance

A career in medical science offers a lucrative salary, in any part of the world. Recognition of medical courses by World Health Organization, medical councils of different countries has enhanced the spirit of Indian students to take up Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in medical sciences from reputed universities across the globe. Seeking admission to these universities is not anymore a herculean job, especially with the help of professional services and websites. From sending the admission letter to the respective universities, to receiving the invitation letter, and applying for a student visa, the entire process is entailed by them.

Documentation for admission

That we are please to inform the following document which needs to be submitted to the universities in different countries will be taken care by KEC. You need to submit a copy of your recent resume, photocopies of the mark sheet of 10th and 12th, a copy of your school leaving certificate, passport size photographs and also photocopy of passport. Along with these, a statement that describes the purpose which should describe your academic background, the reason and inspiration for pursuing the MBBS course, and your career goal also needs to be submitted.After receiving the invitation letter, you need to apply for a student visa at the earliest.

Various types of assistance provided

In case, you opt for Master’s degree then you also need to submit the certificate and mark sheet of the graduation examination along with the above mentioned ones to these universities. Master’s degree is offered in English medium. Students are provided with assistance, to apply for a visa after receiving the invitation letter from the university.Many countries accept transcripts that must be translated in their native language. Assistance is provided in translating the required documents and submitting the same to the Embassy. Medical certificates are a must for studying in different universities.

Assistance for visa interview and travel

With a number of Indian students opting for medical courses in international universities increasing, a milieu of assistance services is provided by a professional help. Students are assisted for the visa interview and also for filling the visa application form. Prior to departure from the home country, students are briefed about the documents that they need to produce immediately on reaching the country. If students have a problem in accommodation in the initial phases, they are also assisted in that aspect.

Visa Assistance Services

If you are looking at the option of paying a visit to the foreign countries, in order, to pursue a career in medicine, you are most likely to be faced with the problem of visa. This is where; you are supposed to understand the importance of availing the advantages of visa assistance. You are supposed to opt for our assistance that can indeed prove to be of real help in benefiting you through all aspects of travelling.

Enjoy Supplementary Coverage

With our Visa assistance services, you will also be offered with the advantage of supplementary coverage. This type of supplementary coverage remains applicable for carry-ons and checked bags. You may often find that there is the situation where you will be facing the problem dealing with roadside dispatch in foreign countries. In similar types of circumstances, you need to avail the benefit of roadside dispatch that is most often than not offered along with the visa assistance program. You can always seek our help in order to be able to be able to arrange the situation in the best manner.

Host Of Benefits

A good visa assistance program is the one that will offer you with the advantage of a host of many other benefits that can suit your purpose in the best possible manner. A few among many of the other types of advantages you can relate along with the same include; planning a trip, picking out gifts and arranging for different types of reservations, as well. One of the other reasons that make you believe in us is that we help in providing you other types of benefits including; special offers, upgrades and discounts, as well. Apart from all the above-mentioned types of advantages, you can also expect to enjoy a myriad of benefits such as; scholarship assistance, psychometric testing, overseas work permits and English/Entrance registration, as well.

There are many other types of benefits you can relate along with the visa assistance services that are offered to all Indian candidates interested in studying abroad such as; providing telephone assistance, arranging transporting assistance, providing medical referral and relaying messages. A good Visa assistance provider like us will offer you with valuable documentation delivery. You can also expect to enjoy the advantage of emergency ticket replacement too. You are supposed to search around for a service provider who holds the ability to process the same within a short period of time. The involvement of low cost is also another advantage you will get through us.


Why do I need a Students Travel Plan?

Every student desires to study abroad. To make your stay abroad while studying risk free, Students travel plan brings you an array of policies to choose from, which will provide the comprehensive cover for your journey.

What is Students Elite Plan?

The Student Elite Plan is a customized insurance policy for students travelling abroad.

What does the Student Elite Plan cover?
  • Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses (Hospitalization & Out Patient)
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Repatriation of remains
Personal Accident:

It covers death and permanent disability.

Loss of Checked Baggage:

Covers total and complete loss of baggage checked in by an International airline.

Tuition Fees:

The Company shall reimburse the tuition fee paid in advance for the current semester, if the insured is unable to continue school due to serious medical condition requiring hospitalization; or death/serious injury requiring hospitalization of either parents.

School Fees due to Accident to Sponsor:

In the event of the sponsor mentioned in the policy meeting with an accident during the policy which results in his death or permanent total disability during the policy period the company shall reimburse the remaining school fee.

Personal Liability:

It covers legal liability attaching in a private capacity during the course of overseas travel.

Family Member’s Visit:

In the event that the insured is hospitalized as a result of an accidental injury or sickness covered under the policy and the attending physician in writing advises the necessary attendance of a Family Member of the Insured.

Personal Liability:

Covers legal liability attaching in a private capacity during the course of Overseas Travel.

Accidental Death and Disability (Common Carrier):

The company will pay the sum insured specified in the schedule in addition to the sum insured specified under the personal accident section, if the insured sustains accidental bodily injury during the course of the journey traveling in the common carrier such as rail, bus, tram or aircraft.

Bail Bond Insurance:

Subject to all the other item and conditions if you are arrested for any in adverted law breaking during your travel overseas the company will pay the amount as mentioned in the schedule towards the bail amount for your release.

Travel Tips


Upon submission of your passport, we obtain your visa invitation and in due course get your passport stamped with the visa. The visa that you receive is an educational visa, which is basically an entry visa, which is valid for duration of 3 months. This means that you would have to enter the country within three months of the issuance of the visa. Upon reaching the university, the same visa is registered with the local immigration authorities and you would get a registration to stay and study at the university for one year. Simultaneously, you would also be registered at the hostel where you would be staying.

ECR (Emigration Check Required)

Majority of the students proceeding to foreign countries for study would need to suspend their Emigration Check Required (ECR). Please note that failure to suspend the same would mean that the student would be unable to fly abroad. This results in cancellation of the air ticket at the last moment and put the student and the parents in unwarranted trouble. We ensure the clearance of the same. Presently the Government has given ECR Clearance to the persons holding 10 + 2 qualification. Earlier, minimum Graduate qualification was necessary for ECR Clearance.

Check List

1 Passport (original) 2 Air Ticket 3 Copy of the visa 4 Copy of admission letter 5 Foreign exchange for the fees/ living expenses. 6 All original certificates like 10th & +2 certificates. 7 Medicines like - Vomitting tablets, Acidity, losse motion, cotton for ears & ear drops.

While Travelling

1 Always adhere to the weight restriction imposed by the airline. The airlines allows the below listed bagage only - a). Checkin Bag weight maximum 20 Kgs only. b). Hand bag weight maximum 5 Kgs only. Any excess baggage would have to be paid by you at the airport in cash. Please note that the weight of the baggage at home and that at the airport always varies. Therefore please carry with you adequate Indian Rupees so that any excess baggage could be paid for. 2 Always carry your important documents (10th, +2 & admission letter) in your hand baggage only. Your cash and passport should always be in the waist pouch. 3 Do not accept any parcels from strangers at the airport. They may carry drugs, explosives or any banned substances. 4 Do not talk or make relationship with co-passengers or any other strangers you meet in the airport. They may rob or steal your passport or money. 5 Always be in a group. 6 Don't forget your belongings i.e. handbag, waist pouch, spectacles, watch & gold rings etc, when you use toilets in the flights or in the airport. 7 Don't carry gold jewellary & any other expensive ornaments along with you. 8 Maintain discipline at the airport and on the aircraft. 9 Carry pen to fill the emigration, customs and entry forms in the airports. 20 Shoe is compulsory to both girls & boys. 21 Full hand shirt with sweater or any warm clothes are advised when travelling, because of low temperature air condition in the flight & in the airport.

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