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Xuzhou Medical College

About China

China, an ancient, mysterious and beautiful land, is always appealing to adventurous foreign visitors. As the third largest country in the world occupying an area of 9,600,000 sq km, it spans 62 degrees of longitude and 49 degrees of latitude. A wide variety of terrain and climate shape its numerous natural attractions. Abundant in a variety of resources, plants, animals, and minerals, the land has nurtured countless generations of Chinese people.

Studying towards an MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than undertaking a similar program in the US or UK. The US MD program course (equivalent to MBBS) cost around USD 160,000-200,000. This excludes four years of Pre-med study. While a student can complete an MBBS course from any of the China's medical university list for 6 years for only USD 30,000 – 50,000. Compared to the rest of the world the fees charged for MBBS courses in China are expansively reasonable. The charges of tutoring in the universities in China are subsidized by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government. All in all, It is very economical for international students to study in China.

Introduction About Xuzhou Medical College

Since 1993, XZMC has been training doctoral students jointly with China Medical University, Dalian Medical University, Nanjing Medical University and other establishments in the field of Anesthesiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Neurobiology, Human Anatomy, Histoembryology, etc. XZMC offers a full range of courses for 20 undergraduate specialties, which covers the major medical discipline specialties, including Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Optometry, Medical Imageology, Medical Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, Nutriology, Stomatology, Oral Restoration Technology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering and Public Administration, Medical Imaging Engineering, etc.

Xuzhou Medical College, situated in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province(less than three hours by train to Beijing or Shanghai), a historical and cultural city known as “Thoroughfares to Five Provinces”, is an institution of higher education under the direct administration of Jiangsu Provincial Government. With the geographical advantages (airport available, less than three hours by train to Beijing or Shanghai) and full attention of whole college, the education for international student in XZMC developed fast.

XZMC has made great efforts to develop constantly and has produced a great number of medical workers for the society, with its study programs expanding gradually, the school strength enhanced and school characteristic becoming distinct. Established in 1958, XZMC has now become the center of medical education, medical service and medical research in the north of Jiangsu Province as well as in the whole Huaihai Economic Zone. Two Batches of international students have been graduated from the college, of which the Nepali students’ medical license exam passing rate reached 100% and 86% separately.

In addition to Jasmine Scholarship of Jiangsu Province, XZMC provides the College Scholarship for excellent international students. With the encouragement of provincial and various college scholarships, there are about 260 undergraduate students, 13 postgraduate students and 6 doctoral students from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Comoros, Somalia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia Congo and Pakistan studying hard in XZMC. Now XZMC is on the list of authorized universities to recruit international students by the Ministry of Education of China.

Education in Xuzhou Medical College

During recent years XZMC has hosted many international academic conferences and established multilateral exchange and cooperation with research institutions and medical universities from abroad, such as Medical college of Harvard University, the State University of New York Health Science Center, Parker Medical College of Texas, General Hospital of Massachusetts, Medical College of Wisconsin University USA, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, University of London, University of Huddersfield, University of Wollongong and University of Queensland, Australia.

XZC offers a full range of courses for 18 undergraduate programs, which covers the major medical discipline specialties, including Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Optometry, Medical Imageology, Technology of Medical Exammination, Medical Informatics, Medical Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, Nutriology, Stomatology, Oral Restoration Technology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical preparation, Biomedical Engineering and Public Administration, Medical Imaging Engineering.

On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the university, if they meet the degree regulations of the university. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). The medical degree can be recognized by MCI, MMC, NMC, WHO, USMEL.


Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Bone Marrow Stem Cells relies on Xuzhou Medical College and the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College. After more than fifty years development, Xuzhou Medical College has now become the center of medical education, service and research in the north of Jiangsu Province as well as Huaihai Economic Zone. The center for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, located at the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical College, is the fixed-point unit for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation firstly approved by Jiangsu Province, as well as for hematopoietic stem cell collection and transplantation for unrelated donorsof Chinese Marrow Donor Program.


Xuzhou Medical College boosts of having two big libraries covering some 10,797 squire meters with a facilities of 1250 seats for the students for reading. There is a collection of 450,000 volumes, 560,000 electronic books, over 1,500 categories of Chinese periodicals, 110 categories of foreign periodicals, and more than 160 kinds of newspapers as well. In recent years, the library has made a rapid progress in its digitalized construction, possessing 18 servers, 7 SAN storage space, 738 computer information nodes. Besides, there is a series of databases, that is, 10 Chinese databases of purchasing or self-building, 3 foreign language full-text databases, 3 second literature databases, postgraduate thesis databases of our university, medical audio-visual database, and learning and examination databases for English and computer studies.

Fees Structure

Application/Reg Fee ¥200
Book ¥400
Bedding ¥400
Caution Deposits -
Medical Checkup ¥400
Liaosonn/Management Fee USD 1000
Tution Fee ¥28,000
Hostel ¥4600
Cost Of Living ¥1000
Residence Permit ¥2400 for 6Years
Insurance ¥600


  • Hostel
  • Educational Base
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Affilliated Hospitals
  • CMU also offers transfer options to students currently studying MBBS in other Medical Universities in China & other Countries.


  • Xuzhou Medical College has three campuses: the Main Campus, the West Campus and the Hanshan Campus.
  • Apartment for International Students is in the Main Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately RMB4600/Year.
  • Dormitories are abundant.
  • All students living in the campus can guranteed. It is not necessary to book in advance.
  • To rent off the campus is not allowed.
  • 24 hours check-in service and reception service.
  • Moving in before registration is not allowed.
  • Hotel in the Peixun Center, Tel: 0516-83262888.
  • Registration should be done after checked in.
  • Payment methods for tuition fee and other fees: International Remittance, UnionPay card.


Xuzhou is located in the southeast of the North China Plain. Xuzhou has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cwa), with cool, dry winters, warm springs, long, hot and humid summers, and crisp autumns. The monthly daily average temperature ranges from 0.4 °C (32.7 °F) in January to 27.1 °C (80.8 °F) in July; the annual mean is 14.48 °C (58.1 °F). Snow may occur during winter, though rarely heavily. Precipitation is light in winter, and a majority of the annual total of 832 millimetres (32.8 in) occurs from June thru August. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 44% in July to 54% in three months, the city receives 2,221 hours of bright sunshine annually.