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University Of Northern Philippines

About Philippines

Medical Colleges in Philippines offers superior quality medical education at an affordable price.All Medical Universities in Philippines are located in very beautiful and good cities of Philippines. Every city has its own distinctive feature. All most all the Medical Schools in Philippines are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). Usually the classes for the medicine program starts in the month of November at most of the Medical Colleges in Philippines. Doctor of Medicine (MD) is the primary medical degree offered by the Medical Colleges in Philippines. Most of the Medical Universities in Philippines have an International Students Office, where international students can address their problems. Dormitory facilities are available at most of the Medical Colleges in Philippines at moderate prices. Medical Schools in Philippines provide separate dormitories for boys and girls.

India’s emerging influence in the international community has led to the promotion of its “Look East Policy,” a policy that specifically represents India’s efforts to cultivate extensive economic and strategic relations with its Southeast Asian neighbors in order to bolster its standing as a regional power and as a counterbalance to the strategic influence of China. It is with these developments surrounding India’s rising global influence that the Philippines should engage with India. Both countries share various similarities that can serve as a platform for deeper cooperation.

Introduction About University Of Northern Philippines

The University of Northern Philippines holds the distinction of being the first state university in Northern Luzon. It was created through the enactment of Republic Act 4449 authored by the late Congressman FLORO S. CRISOLOGO. Approved on 19 June 1965, the Act converted the Ilocos Sur School of Arts and Trades, in the municipality of Vigan, province of Ilocos Sur, into this University. The governance of this University is vested in a Board of Regents. The first board was constituted on October 14, 1965.

And so, we shall equip the faculty with the necessary skills and competencies by sending those who are willing to grow professionally to attain advance education and support all undertakings that will enhance their capabilities. We shall work hard for the institutionalization of the knowledge production cycle, starting from the classroom until we shall have attained a name in world of authors and inventors.

We shall work for the improvement of our academic standards. In resolving disputes, we shall ensure that there is fairness and justice, and that decisions shall be based on what is right and lawful tempered with utmost protection of human dignity. We shall do this by initially going back to the basic and change the culture that has made us very comfortable with mediocrity. We shall see to it that all our academic program shall be accredited.

Middle level academic administrators have to do their basic functions to see to it that the students are the only ones blamed in poor board performances. The classroom performance of the instructors and professors should be evaluated meaningfully, and the best way to do it is for the academic unit administrators to go to the classrooms and observe classes.

Education in University Of Northern Philippines

High quality education, safe and conducive environment and affordable fee structure and other associated expenses are one of the primary reasons for international students to opt for higher education in the country. Apart from these, with a degree of the educational institutes in this country, you can explore job opportunities in different countries in the world. Medium of instruction for these courses is only English. Academic calendar begins in June and extends till March. A year comprises of two semesters, one from June to October and the other from November to March.

Doctor of Medicine is awarded to students after completing four years degree program. This is equivalent to that of MBBS degree. In the 1st year, the basics of medical sciences are taught. From 2nd year to 3rd year, these courses focus on specialized areas. 4ht year includes clinical rotation in different departments. This degree deals with medical theories, technologies, practices and different approaches for problem-solving. Post this, it is necessary to take up a licensure examination in the country itself. For this, students have to go through one year internship program. Degree awarded by different universities is recognized by World Health Organization. Even the Medical Council of India recognizes the degree awarded by University of Northern Philippines and permits the aspirants for the screening test in India.



The members of the University Community – administrative officials and other personnel; faculty and students as well as other library users are hereby enjoined to observe the following guidelines

  • SILENCE must be strictly observed. Idle conversations, loud laughter and other unnecessary to talk, it must be done in subdued tones
  • Keep the library clean. No littering, use the waste basket
  • Eating, smoking, and sleeping are prohibited in the library
  • Tampering, mutilation and stealing of books and other reading materials or part of it and other similar acts are punishable by either loss of library privileges or be subjected to disciplinary action
  • Chairs must be pushed back quietly to their proper places after using them
  • Use of library card or borrower’s card: Only students with library cards properly validated by the librarian shall be allowed to borrow books and other reading materials for overnight use. The card is non-transferable and the owner is held liable for every book drawn. Issuance of another card in case of loss is worth Php 5.00
  • The graduate collection is intended primarily for the graduate school students (masteral and doctoral) and graduate faculty. Undergraduate students may be allowed to use upon request by subject professor. e.g. graduate theses.

Fees Structure

Pre Med
Application/Reg Fee $650
Airport Pickup $250
Foreign Student Fee $2700
Visa Conversion -
Medical Checkup -
Pre Med 1st Sem Tution Fee $1000
pre med
Pre Med 2nd Sem Tution Fee $1000
Pre Med 3rd Sem Tution Fee 1000$
Additional fees if any -
1st year Tution fee $1300 per sem
2nd year Tution fee $1300 per sem
3rd year Tution fee $1300 per sem
4th year Tution fee $1300 per sem
Accommadation Per Month $100 private near campus
Food Per Month $100 indian food
available gujarat




The city of Vigan falls under the first climate type in the Philippines which is characterized by two pronounced seasons—the dry season which starts from the month of November and ends in April; and the wet season which spans the months of May to October. The average annual rainfall is 190.683 mm. and the heaviest registered rainfall is 693. 3 mm.

The average temperature is 26 °C. The average warmest temperature is 30.9 °C and the average coldest temperature is 21.1 °C. An average of 7-10 typhoons visit Vigan annually. The average relative humidity is 81%.