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Spartan Health Sciences University

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Saint Lucia has been home to Spartan Health Sciences University for over three decades and is very scenic and beautiful by nature. The approximately 175,000 people of Saint Lucia are English speaking friendly and very accommodating.

Before considering studying medicine in the Caribbean, it is essential for all prospective students to understand what it means for a school to be “fully accredited,” as many Caribbean medical schools will claim this, but not all are. The standard of education vary widely at different schools in the Caribbean, and which school you choose to go to will impact the states you will be able to legally practice in in the future. I received an email from a friend asking about this topic, and so I feel it will be helpful if I posted my answer here for everyone to read.

How can you decide what is the best choice for you? What must you consider in evaluating these schools? And will you be able to obtain a residency in the United States after you graduate? To help you decide if attending a Caribbean medical school is a good choice, this article provides a framework for evaluating these schools and the success of their graduates.

Introduction About Spartan Health Sciences University

Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine, represents excellence in teaching the art of medicine. It was established on 7TH January 1980 & offers students a completely integrated program of theory and practice as an ideal teaching module.

The University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Spartan is also in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), maintained by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) of Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) of U.S.A.The facilities have continuously evolved into a modern multi-million dollar medical school complex. Classrooms are large and climate- controlled for year round comfort.

Education in Spartan Health Sciences University

The Students
The University‘s student body comprise of a wonderful mix of students from multiracial and multicultural backgrounds like North & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.
The Program
Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine offers Doctor of Medicine degree program which includes a traditional set of comprehensive courses that include: Basic Sciences, Bridging Curriculum and Clinical Sciences that is taught over Four (4) academic years. Students should have a basic science degree to join the Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.) course, if not they have to undergo a pre medical course.
The pre medical course
The pre medical courses are conducted by Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine in Saint Lucia for those who have not completed their basic science degree, the pre medical course for students, who has finished higher secondary schooling or its equivalent, is of two (2) trimesters and for students who has finished only secondary schooling or its equivalent, is of four (4) trimesters.
The Basic Sciences Program
The basic Sciences Program is of five (5) trimesters consisting of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology Microbiology, Pharmacology and Behavioral Science. The Bridging Curriculum is part of the Basic Sciences and consists of a series of problem solving exercises and clinical case studies, in small group settings.
The Clinical Sciences Program
The Clinical Sciences Program is of five (5) trimesters with broad exposure in the major clinical disciplines of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Psychiatry in a teaching hospital setting.
Student Housing
Admission office will help students in getting proper accommodation when they arrive in St. Lucia. *Apartment and house rental rates vary based on the facilities and location it ranges from 300$to 600$ per month plus Deposit.


  • General Biology with Laboratory
  • General Physics with Laboratory
  • General Chemistry with Laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
  • Or Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry sequence is acceptable
  • Mathematics


Fees Structure

In Progress


Saint Lucia's beauty has drawn many people to its shores, since the sound of military cannon has ceased to reverberate through its valleys; and this English-speaking but French oriented island continues to be a favorite for vacationers. Among the resorts mostly visited are: Coconut Beach Resort, Sandals,Windjammer, Rex St. Lucian, Club St. Lucia, Marigot Bay, Ladera Resort , Hyatt Resort (now under Sandals) and Jalhousie Hilton.

Hewanorra International Airport is approximately 3 miles from the University. The University provides free transportation for all new incoming students with prior arrangement. George F.L. Charles Airport is one and a one half (1 1/2) hours drive from the University. The University can make arrangements for the pick up. The cost of transportation is approximately $55.00 (U.S.) paid directly to the transportation service provider.

The island is the only East Caribbean territory with two commercial airports. Hewanorra International Airport, at the south of the island, just outside the town of Vieux Fort, has an asphalted runway of 9,000 feet with the capacity to accommodate long-range jet aircraft of the 747 and Tri-Star category. The runway is fully lit and the airport possesses facilities for all weather landing.


  • Unnecessary to book in advance.
  • Rent outside campus is allowed.
  • Offer 24 hours check-in service.
  • Moving in before semetser begins is not allowed.
  • Pay by year in campus dorm, except for language students.
  • Check-in before semester begins is allowed, and you can get your room number in reception centre.
  • Tuiton fee can be paid by cash, UnionPay cards, or by International Remittance; accommodation fee can be paid by cash, UnionPay cards.


The weather in St Lucia is typical of most Caribbean islands. There is a hot, tropical climate tempered by trade winds throughout most of the year with temperatures ranging from 21°C (70°F) to 32°C (90°F). The driest period is from December to May and there is increased rainfall in summer and towards the end of the year (June to November). Regionally, there is some variation.  The beaches around the North (Castries, Gros Islet) whilst hot, receive cooling trade winds, whilst the rainforested interior of the island can get very hot and humid. St Lucia can also suffer from hurricanes; typically the hurrican season runs from June to November.