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Perpetual University

About Philippines

Medical Colleges in Philippines offers superior quality medical education at an affordable price.All Medical Universities in Philippines are located in very beautiful and good cities of Philippines. Every city has its own distinctive feature. All most all the Medical Schools in Philippines are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). Usually the classes for the medicine program starts in the month of November at most of the Medical Colleges in Philippines. Doctor of Medicine (MD) is the primary medical degree offered by the Medical Colleges in Philippines. Most of the Medical Universities in Philippines have an International Students Office, where international students can address their problems. Dormitory facilities are available at most of the Medical Colleges in Philippines at moderate prices. Medical Schools in Philippines provide separate dormitories for boys and girls.

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Introduction About Perpetual University

Dr. Antonio Laperal Tamayo, founder and his wife Dr. Daisy Moran Tamayo, co-founder together with their friend, Ernesto Palanca Crisostomo, established on February 5, 1975 in Las Piňas City the Perpetual Help College of Rizal, now the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Las Piňas. The first school building consisting of four floors (the present hospital) was constructed in a remarkable record-breaking period of only four months, which ordinarily takes one year to construct. The school building was created to house the College of Nursing. Around 700 nursing student were enrolled and a few were referrals from the Perpetual Help School in Manila. Perpetual was indeed on its way to becoming a premier university south of Metro Manila.

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA subscribes to the institutional philosophy that national development and transformation is predicated upon the quality of education of its people. Just a year after, the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – Calamba was established in inaugurated initially with 360 enrollees.

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA– Molino was established and inaugurated in May 1995 with an initial enrolment of seven hundred students. Tamayo was appointed as President of the University of Perpetual DALTA Medical Center. Tamayo are their two sons, Anthony Jose and Richard Antonio who are both outstanding cum laude graduates of the University of the Philippines.

Education in Perpetual University

The University of Perpetual Help System, having committed itself to service in the forefront of education and health care, came into being out of the unselfish effort and untiring commitment of its founder: Dr. Jose G. Tamayo and Dr. Josefina Laperal Tamayo. The desire to serve others was manifested at a very young age when Dr. Jose G. Tamayo, then a young boy dreamt of being a doctor. For him, it was the best way he that he could serve his fellowmen. But when that dream became a reality, he realized that his best was not good enough… the services he rendered were so limited and only within the realm of his profession as a doctor.

The University of Perpetual Help System is dedicated to the development of the Filipino as a leader. It aims to graduate dynamic students who are physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually committed to the achievement of the highest quality of life. As a system of service in health and education, the University of Perpetual Help System is dedicated to the formation of Christian service and research-oriented professional, leader and citizen with great social concern and with commitment to the delivery of quality education and health care. It shall produce Perpetualites who outstandingly value the virtues of reaching out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation building.

The University of Perpetual Help System shall emerge as the premiere university South of Metro Manila and in the Southern tagalong Region. Is shall provide a venue for pursuit of excellence in academics, technology, and research through community partnership. Specifically, the university shall tale the role of a catalyst for human development. It shall continue to inculcate values as a way of strengthening the moral fiber of the Filipino individual, proud of their race and prepared for exemplary global participation in the arts, sciences, humanities and business. It foresees the Filipino people enjoying a quality of life and abundance, living in peace and building a nation that the next generation will nourish, cherish and value.


Hospital Laboratory University Of Perpetual Help System in Laguna phone 049 511 9562 is a training center located in Laguna, Philippines. You can contact them on directly on phone-(049) 511 9562 or you can visit them at their physical address in Laguna which is Hospital Building, University Of Perpetual Help System, National Highway, Binan, 4024, Laguna. Hospital Laboratory University Of Perpetual Help System in Laguna phone 049 511 9562 listed business activity is Schools.


The goal of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA library and media center is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access to books for reading, and research information. The University library and media center is a collaborative venture in which school, teachers, and administrators work together to provide opportunities for the social, cultural, and educational growth of students.

Fees Structure

Pre Med
Application/Reg Fee Php 50,000
Airport Pickup $850
Foreign Student Fee -
Visa Conversion 22,000 peso
Medical Checkup -
Pre Med 1st Sem Tution Fee 300000 only 1year
pre med
Pre Med 2nd Sem Tution Fee -
Pre Med 3rd Sem Tution Fee -
Additional fees if any 12000 yearly
1st year Tution fee Php 300,000
2nd year Tution fee Php 200,000
3rd year Tution fee Php 150,000
4th year Tution fee Php 150,000
Accommadation Per Month $100 in campus difficult mostly
private near campus
Food Per Month $100 indian food available



  • Apartment for International Students is in the Main Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately RMB4600/Year.
  • Dormitories are abundant.
  • All students living in the campus can guranteed. It is not necessary to book in advance.
  • To rent off the campus is not allowed.
  • 24 hours check-in service and reception service.
  • Moving in before registration is not allowed.
  • Hotel in the Peixun Center, Tel: 0516-83262888.
  • Registration should be done after checked in.
  • Payment methods for tuition fee and other fees: International Remittance, UnionPay card.


The city has two distinct weathers which is the dry season covering the months of November to April and wet season during the months of May to October. Maximum rainfall occurs in the months of June, July and August yearly.