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Anhui Medical University

About China

China, an ancient, mysterious and beautiful land, is always appealing to adventurous foreign visitors. As the third largest country in the world occupying an area of 9,600,000 sq km, it spans 62 degrees of longitude and 49 degrees of latitude. A wide variety of terrain and climate shape its numerous natural attractions. Abundant in a variety of resources, plants, animals, and minerals, the land has nurtured countless generations of Chinese people.

Studying towards an MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than undertaking a similar program in the US or UK. The US MD program course (equivalent to MBBS) cost around USD 160,000-200,000. This excludes four years of Pre-med study. While a student can complete an MBBS course from any of the China's medical university list for 6 years for only USD 30,000 – 50,000. Compared to the rest of the world the fees charged for MBBS courses in China are expansively reasonable. The charges of tutoring in the universities in China are subsidized by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Government. All in all, It is very economical for international students to study in China.

Introduction About Anhui Medical University

During the process of international education, Anhui Medical University will constantly improve the teaching and administration mechanism, speed up the construction of basic facilities and infrastructures, which can make every international student feel our warmth and harmony and bear in mind the affection for Anhui Medical University. In recent years, Anhui Medical University has been far ahead of other provincial universities in terms of the total amount of grants from NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China).

Since its foundation in 1926, Anhui Medical University has accumulated a profound historical background with the university motto “Study hard and try to practise, bring up excellent doctors” and university ethos “seeking for earnest, proficiency and creativity”. International students in Anhui Medical University also have access to Muslim canteen, public kitchen and laundry room. Anhui Medical University attaches great importance to international education. Meanwhile, Anhui Medical University is the only provincial university winning the honor of National top 10 scientific and technological development.

Today there are totally 16673 students at the university, of whom 179 are enrolled in doctoral programs,2728 in master’s programs, and 8867 in undergraduate programs, plus 95 international students (including those from Hong Kong and Macao) and 7187 students enrolled in the School of Extended Education.

Education in Anhui Medical University

Four faculty members of the university have been elected to the international and national status of the project "International-, National-, and Provincial-level Talent." Two faculty members of the university have been specified by the Ministry of Education as "Teaching Cadre" title holders. the university was authorized to offer an MD degree in clinical medicine and a professional degree in stomatology at master’s level.The two degree-grantings, especially that of MD, symbolize a major breakthrough in the advanced professional education in Anhui Province, making it possible for the university to cover in its curricula the full-range professional education at undergraduate , master’s , and doctoral levels.

Five faculty members of the university have been singled out as experts on the Advisory Board of College-level Medical and Pharmaceutical Disciplines of the Ministry of Education. Five faculty members of the university have been designated by the Ministry of Health as "Young and /or Middle-aged Experts with Spectacular Contributions." Two faculty members of the university hold the title of "Wanjiang Scholar", a specially appointed professorship.

The university typically has won a national second prize for teaching.Two faculty members of the university hold the directorships respectively on the Committee of Dermatology and Venereology of Chinese Medical Society and on the Committee of Clinical Pharmacology of Chinese Pharmacological Society. The university also owns two key laboratories of the Ministry of Education co-established by Anhui Province and the Ministry of Education, 13 laboratories co-established by the central (the Ministry of Finance) and local authorities, and 19 key laboratories (technological and engineering centers, and public scientific service facilities) at provincial level or above.


Anhui Provincial Key laboratories
Key laboratory of genome research in anhui
Key laboratory of molecular medicine in Anhui


Its library has a collection of 840000 volumes and 30000 kinds of periodical and journals as well as e-journals. It is equipped with a campus computer network, which is also a center in Anhui for sharing biological and medical information across the nation on Internet. The library has broad relations with other libraries, schools and research institutions both at home and abroad.

Fees Structure

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  • Anhui Medical University provides in-campus hostel to the international students. the hostel building equips with electrical lift.Two persons share a room with air conditioner, attached bathroom, color TV, telephone, bed with required amenities and furniture, free hot---drinking---water heater, refriger, internet access, public laundry and kitchen, Students are required to pay the electricity, water and internet they used.
  • Anhui Medical University has two campuses, both in Hefei City. The main campus is in 81 Meishan Road. The new one is in 15 Feicui Road, Jingkai District. Students are provided with accommodations in the University International Hostel.


Anhui province lies in the monsoonal area of East China. The demarcation line of the Qinling Mountain Range-Huaihe River runs through the northern part of Anhui. As a result, the area north of the line has a warm-temperate, semi-humid monsoonal climate while the area south of it has a sub-tropical, humid monsoonal climate.

The average annual temperature of Anhui is between 14 and 17 degrees centigrade. The annual temperature averages below 15 degrees centigrade in the area north of the Huaihe River and the Dabie Mountain area, and only 7.8 degrees centigrade on the top of Huangshan Mountain. Meanwhile, the average annual temperature of the area along the Yangtze River and in South Anhui is higher than 16 degrees centigrade. The rest of the province is between 15 and 16 degrees centigrade. It has only two degrees centigrade difference between the north and south.

Compared with the climate in other parts of China, Anhui is characterized by rain concentrating in the hot season and a remarkable continental monsoonal climate. In addition, Anhui has a mild climate, abundant sunshine, distinctive seasons (warm spring, hot summer, cool fall and cold winter) and an obvious monsoon due to its geographical position.