MBBS in Bangladesh

Life in Medical colleges in Bangladesh

Life in Medical colleges in Bangladesh

On this page, we will discuss Life in Medical colleges in Bangladesh.

Availability of food & grocery

MBBS in Bangladesh Good varieties of vegetables, meats, fruits, and milk products are widely available in Supermarkets, Bazars, and the local markets just like In India.

Cost of living comparison

Indian food
  • Bangladeshi food is also rice-based as south India.
  • Their food habits resemble that of India which makes it one of the ideal destinations for the students who do not have to adapt to foreign cuisines.
  • Economical and hygienic food is available inside the university campus and hostel canteens.
  • Indian restaurants are also available in main cities which are inexpensive. Students don’t have to spend their valuable time in cooking food.
  • Students don’t have to Self-cooking, as tasty and good food is available inside the college campus and in the hostel canteens.
Security in campus
  • The college campus a very safe and secure place for the Indian students.
  • So that the students can feel just like in the medical college campus in India.
  • For Indian students, Bangladesh is a safe place, but late-night outings should be avoided.
  • As per the Global Peace Index, Bangladesh ranks 101st amongst 163 countries listed.
  • So it is pretty good even better than India which ranks at 141.
  • Download the Global Peace Index 2020 Pdf listing with various statics at
Extracurricular activities
  • Students can use the in house facilities like the Gym, can participate in various sports activities, academic competition, Cultural activities & Associations activities in the college.
  • so that the students have a fresh mind and good health.
  • Students can enjoy their leisure time visiting Parks, Beaches, World Heritage Sites and Museums

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