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Infrastructure of the Medical colleges In Bangladesh.  

Infrastructure of the Medical colleges In Bangladesh.  

On this page, we will discuss the Infrastructure of the Medical colleges In Bangladesh.

  • The infrastructure of the Medical colleges In Bangladesh is generally modest in cities but good in the outskirts.
  • The campus of Bangladesh Medical colleges is mostly modest and traditional with all the essential facilities.
  • Some colleges have a very large campus.
Lecture halls
  • The lecture halls in Bangladesh Medical Colleges are both traditional, modern & up to the mark.
  • so that the students can attend the lectures with comfort.
  • The classroom of Bangladesh Medical Colleges ranges from moderate to good with all essential facilities.
  • So the students can attend classes comfortably
Practical labs
  • The labs in Bangladesh Medical Colleges are well maintained with all essential equipment.
  • Cadavers are available for the students to study anatomy, identify disease sites, determine causes of death, etc…So that they have good exposure to the anatomical structure of humans.


  • The libraries are well stocked with all the required medical books in English and are available for the students to read.
  • Most of the books are by Indian authors.
  • The library has good infrastructure which offers a great environment.
  • So that the students to study in comfort.
Affiliated hospital
  • The hospitals attached to the colleges are multi-specialty hospitals having all requisite amenities, infrastructure, equipment, and facilities with highly qualified Doctors and staff treating all kinds of diseases providing good hands-on experience to the students.
  • The cost of medical treatment in these hospitals is very nominal and at par with the government hospitals.
  • Because of this, hospitals have high patient flow.
  • Paid Internet widely available inside the campus & Hostel.
  • So that the students can access study materials online no matter where they are.
  • Some colleges have old hostels buildings with common baths and toilets and some hostels are moderate and some are good.
  • The security in the hostels are good and there are caretakers available in all the hostel to take care of the needs of the students.
  • There are separate hostels for girls or a separate floor is dedicated to them inside the college block.
  • So that there is no entry for men inside the girl’s dormitory.
  • The college maintains this rule very strictly with no exceptions so that the girls can feel safe and secure.
  • The guard maintains the entry and exit registry.
  • So the girl students cannot go out without the knowledge of the hostel authority.
  • so when the student goes out, they have to return back within the stipulated time and If not, strict action will be taken against them.
  • Economical, tasty, and hygienic food is available in College Canteens as well as inside the hostel.
  • The food available in Bangladesh is similar to that of India and is easy for Indian students to adapt.

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