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How to select the right country for abroad MBBS?

Choosing the right country for pursuing MBBS abroad is not an easy thing as there are various factors that play a role when it comes to deciding the country. Though the arena is filled with various myths as to Russia, Philippines or China is the best for studying MBBS abroad, it is always important to analyse on the various options before we zero in on a country.

The general saying “one size never fits all” will of course suit this area of selecting the country for pursuing abroad MBBS. May be Philippines or China is good in certain ways when it comes to pursuing MBBS abroad for Indian students, but the one big question is, does this turn out to be true for all the medical aspirants who wish to take up MBBS abroad?

The answer from our years of expertise is definitely NO.

There are various factors that decide on which country will be suitable for pursuing MBBS abroad and this will vary from person to person.

Let’s consider the factors here:

  1. Climate: Climate is one big factor that plays an immense role in the performance of the students. Climatic conditions that are extremely different from that of India will provoke a form of stress on the students, thus decreasing their performance.
  2. Culture: Adapting to a totally different culture is definitely a challenge and most of the students struggle to adapt.  Huge culture differences will cause unwanted stress.
  3. Curriculum: Indian students who take up MBBS abroad must be able to practice in India after completing their course. This can be done only when the curriculum is similar to that of Indian MBBS. So, choosing a country that provides a similar curriculum to that of India is highly essential.
  4. Medium of Instruction: Medium of instruction must be English for an easy understanding of the syllabus.
  5. Language barriers: Not knowing the native language of the country will turn out to be a disadvantage. This can be overcome by choosing a country that doesn’t demand learning their local language for studying MBBS.
  6. Clinical exposure: Choosing a country that provides a wide range of opportunities for foreign students to interact and collaborate with their patients is highly essential for enhanced clinical exposure.
  7. Disease patterns: As the climate of each country varies the pattern of disease also varies accordingly. When Indian students study MBBS abroad most of the time they learn and practice highly different disease patterns rather than that of India. This possesses a great threat when it comes to practicing in India. So, choosing a country that has a similar kind of disease pattern is highly essential.
  8. FMGE pass percentage: Practicing as a doctor in India is, of course, the ultimate goal of those who pursue MBBS. This demands clearing the FMG Examination or the MCI screening test. The FMGE pass percentage of most of the countries is very low. Thus choosing a country that provides the highest pass percentage in FMGE is very important.

Keeping these above-mentioned factors in mind while selecting the country for pursuing MBBS abroad will help in making the right decision.

We at Karol Educational Consultancy, with our years of expertise, can help you make the right choice of country that will suit you based on a specially designed assessment.

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