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Year after year the number of medical aspirants in India is being on the rise. That being the case, it is highly essential that the medical aspirants in India know the current ecosystem of NEET and medical seats available here. MBBS in India being a highly demanding one also requires certain crucial eligibility criteria. Knowing the scenario well before hand will help in making a thoughtful, right decision.

The major driving force that makes lacs and lacs of Indian students to take up the NEET test in spite of its upheld difficulties and competition, is the ambitioned fire to become a Doctor.  

The NEET stats: Know the basics before moving a step-ahead

This being the case, it is a prerequisite to understand the NEET stats before proceeding further.

As per the 2019 NEET statistical report 15,19,000 students appeared for NEET all across India and out of these approximately 7,50,000 students were able to qualify NEET (given the 50th percentile qualification criteria for NEET.)

Stats on the number of MBBS seats available: The next important thing to know before plunging into action

With about 67,000 MBBS seats available all across India, with an added count of 27,000 BDS seats and 30,000 AYUSH seats, the app. total of medicine related seats that is catered to the Indian medical aspirants within the country is about 1,24,000 seats.

Let’s consolidate the stats with a table as below to understand better,

From the above stats we can understand that the demand for medical seats is much higher than the supply.

The table clearly shows that the number of medical aspirants who are NEET qualified need around 6,26,000 seats to be accommodated.

This huge demand – supply gap is to rise further in the coming years.

The end result

As seen above, the demand – supply gap has pulled down the dreams of thousands and thousands of Indian medical aspirants and kept them from pursuing MBBS in India.

A dream that seems to fade away, but actually not

Maybe, this unfavourable scenario would have pulled down their dream of pursuing MBBS in India, but it cannot pull down the dream of those thousands becoming a Doctor.

The way-out

The criteria such as high NEET score and very good financial needs may be the deciding factor for studying MBBS in India, but these are not the factors that decide whether or not the person can become a Doctor.

There is an upgraded way out, MBBS ABROAD – Yes, pursuing MBBS abroad can make your dream turn into reality. This doesn’t stop there. There are a lots of added advantages and perks when it comes to studying MBBS abroad rather than in India.

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