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Bangladesh Medical Colleges – Financials

Bangladesh Medical Colleges – Financials

On this page, we will discuss all the aspects of the cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

Firstly, Affordability
  • The cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is neither cheap nor very costly.
  • The total cost of studying medicine in Bangladesh will cost you the same as it costs to study medicine in Russia or China.
Secondly, Capitation fees / Donation
  • No separate capitation fees or donations fees is paid as everything is included in the fees.
Thirdly, Tuition fee/year
  • Starting from 32,000 USD which is 24 Lakhs INR approx. for the entire course.
Fourthly, Hostel fee/year
  • In most colleges, the hostel fee is included in the yearly fees. In some colleges, you have to pay a nominal amount ranging from 4000 INR to 7500 INR per month depending on the type of hostel.
  • The hostel fees do not include food.
Fifthly, Expenditure /month
  • Monthly Expenditure in Bangladesh is around 5,000 INR including food.
  • The cost of living while studying medicine in Bangladesh is the least expensive amongst all the foreign countries where Indian students’ go for their medical education.
Sixthly, Part-time work
  • Not possible and is illegal to work in Bangladesh with a student visa.
  • Anyways if you want to score well in your academics this is not recommended.
Finally, Overall expenditure for completing the course with transport, living, and Other Expenses
  • The cost of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is between 33 Lakh to 40 Lakh Indian rupees which include your tuition, stay, food, local travel, travel to India, and nominal personal expenses.
  • One important point is that the students have to pay 30% to 40% of the entire course fee during the first year of their education. This results in the parents thinking that Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is very costly.

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