Abroad MBBS Consulting services

With over 14+ years of expertise and 2000+ satisfied students, Karol Educational Consultancy has successfully extended its wide array of services in the arena of abroad MBBS consulting. Our humane services in addition to our knowledge, experience and expertise has paved way to roll out 1500+ complete doctors. Call us @ 9884333008 to know more.

Our service

Being humane, caring and warm hearted -- rather than just a consultant, is our motto!

  • Knowing the Nitti – Gritty of the industry: Pioneer in abroad MBBS consulting  – aiding in getting admissions at the right university and college that suits your needs
  • Over a decade of Abroad MBBS consulting expertise 
  • Sent 1500 + students for MBBS abroad 
  • Servicing round about the year: KEC provides support throughout the year in fetching admissions for MBBS course – Thus, enabling the medical aspirants to avoid loss in academic year
  • Holding hands at every step till graduation and even after that: Accompanying at every step; including hostel accommodations, arranging eligibility certificates from MCI, reporting semester progress to parents…till graduating as a Doctor 
  • Complete and Comprehensive academic support: Academic support through advanced FMGE and other necessary trainings is provided through complete and comprehensive guidance
  • Widespread: We have our widespread partnerships with various top MCI approved colleges in Bangladesh, China, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia etc
  • We are caring: Student health insurance support is provided by KEC
  • Academic Support Package: KEC has made it easy for the students to move ahead without chaos by bringing about a advanced academic support package
  • Not just your career starter, but your career upgrader too: Extending hands to pursue higher education and even acquiring jobs abroad

Our Services

Expert Holistic Counselling

Karol Educational consultancy is renowned for its assured quality of counselling services that we offer to parents and students. We understand the real needs of the students and parents. To fulfil their needs, we have highly knowledgeable professional personal counsellors who engage exclusively with students & parents to educate and advise them on the universities and best countries based on students’ scholastic capabilities requirements and their financial capabilities.

Application Process

We take care of the entire application procedures which includes sending the requsite documents to the University and procuring the admission for the eligible candidates which is confirmed by getting the admission letter from the concerned university.

Documentation Process

We take the entire gamut of the documentation process on us which includes Sending the requisite documents to the university, attestation of documents from the Ministry of the External Affairs, M.C.I eligibility certificate, Affidavits, Assistance in applying for the passport, police verification certificate etc.
We also maintain all the documents of our registered students’ certificates & application documents securely & confidentially till the completion of the entire procedure of their admission, after which it is returned back to them in its original condition.

Pre-Departure Briefing Ceremony

During our Pre-Departure Briefing Ceremony, we engage foreign representatives of each country to brief about their tradition & culture, ways of living, their country’s affairs, about the university study system, accommodation, food & infrastructure. We engage specialists to conduct motivational speeches & seminars on developing communication skills, Stress management, travel safety etc…. which builds confidence & acceptance among the students and parents, thereby removing the fear, anxiety & stress involved in going abroad for higher education.

Visa Application Processing

We assist them in applying for the passport.
We take completely care of the entire visa application process of the Student from procuring the Admission & visa invitation letter from the university and submitting the same along with all the required documents & passport to the Embassy / Consulate/ Agents. We Keep track of the entire process and update the parent & the student regarding the same. We also assist in procuring visas for the parents visiting their wards.


We provide complete foreign exchange support from authorised Forex dealers at ease & competitive rates for making all the required payments to their respective college and as well as the money required for their day to day living expenses in their respective country currency.

Financial Assistance

We advise the parents and the students regarding the financial obligations involved in the process in a transparent manner by explaining & informing them on the complete financial details about the cost of living, accommodation expenses, food expenses, tuition fee and other incidental expenses as per their respective university and country. We have exclusive tie-ups with banks and educational finance institutions in securing an educational loan for our students with a minimal rate of interest.

Travel & Acclimatize

We provide flight tickets and accompany our students from India till they reach the Hostels of their respective Universities ensuring a safe & comfortable journey.
We accompany our students from India till they reach the Hostels of their respective Universities and be with them for a few days and provide necessary assistance like opening a local bank account, buying local sim card, purchase of necessities, show them the local stores, etc. which helps them to settle down and acclimatize without any difficulties.

KEC's Elite Value-Added Services

> We never force or counsel students in getting admitted to undesired courses or colleges as done by many medical education consulting companies and agencies. As our motto, is not to be biased in fulfilling the needs of the students & the parents.

> We provide one laptop bag, stethoscope, white coat, medical aid kit & global multi-currency card, as Complimentary.

> We provide Tab with our Medical Mobile Application exclusively developed for our students to access video lectures, e-books, preparatory materials.

> Provide parents with the updates & follow-ups of the academic progress and wellbeing of their ward. We also assist in procuring visas for the parents visiting their wards.

> We personally care about the students from 1st year till they finish their studies.

> We have Representative / partners in the universities in China, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

> We have exclusive tie up with “DMA” (Davinci medical academy) to provide a Complete & Comprehensive guidance for registration, preparation & appearance for the MCI screening test.

> On availing academic support packages, every year “DMA” (Davinci medical academy) provides FMGE coaching to students which is conducted by the top most FMGE faculties, as per the latest syllabus.

> We organize hands on Clinical Skills development training program during the student’s holidays, in Hospitals & Medical Camps in India.

> We guide our students by all means for them to do their higher studies & get jobs abroad.

> We provide an exclusive helpline number, where the students can immediately call or message to get in touch with our KEC representative in case of emergencies or regarding any unresolved issues.

> Paid packages can be availed for NEET-PG, USMLE, AMC, PLAB exams guidance & Coaching.

> We take care of the Accommodation arrangement in the hostels of their Universities.

> The kind of assistance that we will be providing will be a big boon for the students who will be serving the nation in the near future in the field of medicine.

Karol Educational Consultancy has developed high impact FMGE coaching program by having an exclusive tie up with “Davinci Medical Academy” and also have the top most FMGE (MCI screening test) app exclusively available for our students.

Davinci Medical Academy LLP

> FMGE power pack: live classes
A special high yield course to systematically analyse students & increase the efficiency of the preparation
Validated in 3 international Universities in China & Russia
> Our 4 S formula of success: Systematic analysis + Strategic plan + Smart study aids + Sequential distributed practice

Salient features of DMA:

> Experience & exposure: DMA is the institute to operate successfully in Chennai since 2005 with direct exposure in the field for FMGE since 2005 gaining a vast knowledge for formulating an effective teaching plan.
> Teaching plan and curriculum: The best & validated curriculum where concepts are taught from basic to advanced levels
> Faculties: Highly experienced in FMGE field with unmatched ability of predicting apprehended questions.
> For FMGs by FMGs: Only institute dedicated for FMGs run by FMGs with higher success rates in regional whole of India