High Budget Countries for Abroad MBBS

If you are looking for a competitive medical course that offers an internationally recognised medical degree then MBBS in countries like US, UK, Malaysia and Caribbean will bee worth giving a thought. The fee structure of MBBS in these countries will be on the higher side and will reach upto 1.5 to 3 crore, but it provides a very high standard of education with extensive knowledge and practical training. The earning potential is also very high after completing a MD from these countries.

High budget countries for abroad MBBS

MBBS in Malaysia & Caribbean - Academic Comparison

Criteria Malaysia Caribbean 
Entrance examination No No
NEET qualified Yes Yes
Standard of Curriculum International International
Gateway to medical practice in USA Yes Yes
Ease of clearing USMLE Yes Yes
Fee structure 80 L to 1.5 Crore 70 L to 1.5 Crore
Duration 4.5 years 5 years
Name of the degree MBBS MD
Medium of instruction English English
Official language Malay/Malyasian European languages such as English, Spanish, French and Dutch
Language barrier No No
Opportunities for Clinical rotations in USA and UK No Yes
Infrastructure Good Good
Curriculum Similar to US curriculum US based

MBBS in Malaysia & Caribbean - Geographic Comparison

Criteria Malaysia Caribbean
Location Southeast Asian country Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America
Area 330,803 km2 2,754,000 km2
Population 32,772,100 43,163,817
Climate Highest temperature 40.1 °C, Lowest temperature 7.8 °C Average temperature 25 to 28°C
Currency Malaysian ringgit East caribbean dollar
Exchange rate 17.49 Indian rupee 26.2877 Indian rupee
Time difference from India 2 hours 30 Mins ahead of India 10 hours and 30 Mins behind India
Travelling time from India 4 to 5 hours 20 to 21 hours
Ticket cost Starts from 13,000 INR Starts from 75,000 INR
Literacy rate 93.12% 71%
Dialing code +60 Multiple