MBBS in Bangladesh Study MBBS in Abroad

2 Countries that possess high potential for Abroad MBBS – But not looked upon by most of us yet


Caribbean region has developed into a medical education hub in the last 40 years and is one of the most developed regions when it comes to studying MBBS abroad.

Abroad medical aspirants have one of the greatest advantage of studying MBBS in Caribbean , which is the American Curriculum and Education system followed by the universities in Caribbean region.

Key reasons to study MBBS in Caribbean

  • High success rates in licensing examinations like FMGE, MCI, USMLE etc due to perfectly planned and practical education
  • Medicine in Caribbean is the clear and easiest path to continue medical education in the United States
  • 2 years clinical research program opportunities in teaching hospitals in USA/UK
  • Dedicated USMLE training during the course of study
  • 5 to 10 times lesser cost than USA or other developed countries


Bangladesh being the neighboring country of India is one of the best destinations for Abroad MBBS but, is not mostly looked upon because of various myths. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the best options for Indian Medical Aspirants because of the immense similarity to Indian curriculum and Education System.

Key reasons to study MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Highly recognized certification in India as the curriculum is that of MCI’s
  • The FMGE passing percentage has been the highest from candidates who have pursued MBBS in Bangladesh.
  • The clinical exposure is to the core as Bangladesh experiences a very similar kind of climate and disease conditions as of India.
  • Ease of travelling to and fro from India.
  • Affordable costing when compared to other abroad countries.

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